2002 Touring '74 from Belgium, full restoration project (Lots of pictures)

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Thanks guys! Another small update on the Touring. Not a whole has happened over the last few months though.


However I did order some more parts. Got new door seals, front and rear window seals as well as a NOS fuel tank cap, NOS Autoflug seatbelts, NOS Pierburg fuel pump & original metal oil cap

And probably some other Touring specific parts I can't remember :)











I don't know why but I like the blue stiches in the middle 




This weekend we started on the front left corner again, still need to get some more adjustment done to get the drivers door fully fitted. Still  need to figure a couple things out so push the hinges a bit more forwards as they are sitting 5mm more to the rear as the passenger side..


However, when I adjusted the angle on the black replacement inner A panel so the fit was better to the original one. my borther started making a panel for the firewall where it was rusted through.


Fits alot better than before!





and the patch he made, looks great!



We also had a look at fabricating a new piece for flanges at the heaterbox opening.



After trying to make due with what we had at our workshop, we went to my work and use some of the equipment we have there. 

With the help of a old school shear, bender and a small press and some tubing/angle iron we were able to replicate the original profile.



After some more trimming




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Got the panels welded in we made 2 weeks ago, turned out pretty good.






Also welded up some of the holes that were present when drilling the spotwelds out to remove the shuttle panel.



Trail fitting the new panel, after some careful trimming I got it to fit very nice.





Welded and ground down. A lot better than before!






I also bought some more tools, I already had a small power file (10x330 belts) but decided to also get a it's bigger brother (20x520)

And finally a proper portable spotwelder as well, it still needs to arrive though.


Comparision of both



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