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2002 Touring '74 from Belgium, full restoration project (Lots of pictures)

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Thanks guys! Another small update on the Touring. Not a whole has happened over the last few months though.


However I did order some more parts. Got new door seals, front and rear window seals as well as a NOS fuel tank cap, NOS Autoflug seatbelts, NOS Pierburg fuel pump & original metal oil cap

And probably some other Touring specific parts I can't remember :)











I don't know why but I like the blue stiches in the middle 




This weekend we started on the front left corner again, still need to get some more adjustment done to get the drivers door fully fitted. Still  need to figure a couple things out so push the hinges a bit more forwards as they are sitting 5mm more to the rear as the passenger side..


However, when I adjusted the angle on the black replacement inner A panel so the fit was better to the original one. my borther started making a panel for the firewall where it was rusted through.


Fits alot better than before!





and the patch he made, looks great!



We also had a look at fabricating a new piece for flanges at the heaterbox opening.



After trying to make due with what we had at our workshop, we went to my work and use some of the equipment we have there. 

With the help of a old school shear, bender and a small press and some tubing/angle iron we were able to replicate the original profile.



After some more trimming




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Got the panels welded in we made 2 weeks ago, turned out pretty good.






Also welded up some of the holes that were present when drilling the spotwelds out to remove the shuttle panel.



Trail fitting the new panel, after some careful trimming I got it to fit very nice.





Welded and ground down. A lot better than before!






I also bought some more tools, I already had a small power file (10x330 belts) but decided to also get a it's bigger brother (20x520)

And finally a proper portable spotwelder as well, it still needs to arrive though.


Comparision of both



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Got some more tinkering done on the floor and drivers side door.

We were able to finally get it to fit good with still more room to adjust it front to rear if we have to. 



Also trail fitted the nose and front fenders, fitment seems to be pretty good at first sight





I also welded in the piece of the firewall that connects the firewall to the inner rocker panel. This way it's positioned in place. only thing left is making a new lower piece that connects to the floor pan. Than we can finally weld in the floor itself.

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12 hours ago, TNan said:

I can't get enough of your restoration!!   Embarrassing to say that everytime I get a new email notification that says "2002 Touring '74 from Belgium, full restoration project (Lots of pictures)" I get excited!!  You always have a fan here in Toronto!!!


Thanks man! Genuinely made me smile when I read your comment! 


I do have another small update for today.

I got myself a new toy.... 😎




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You're killing me!!  Looking forward to seeing the install!!


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This week after work, we finally tested out the spot welder.

After fiddling with the settings and electrodes a bit, we got it pretty dailed in. 


This is how the spots look :) 



Today we did some more work on the front left corner of the 02. I already made a firewall patch but needed to tweak it some more to get it to fit right now.

Here's a picture that shows both pieces I've made



Spotwelded into place,





The longer shafts already came in handy for this.



And fully welded in, still need to grind the welds down some more and planish the sheet



Oh wow, it's been a very long time this car has seen a front left floorpan lol



Next weekend I'll finish up this repair, hopefully get started welding in the floor and then it's off to the A post


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Finally got the interior back from out upholsterer.

I'm rally happy with the out come. Only thing that's left is to get the hinges painted and finished with the same splatter design.

And getting some of the hardware sorted before we can assemble the seats themselves. 


I'm glad I took the time to sandblast and paint the frames. Our upholsterer also added some extra padding to the inside of the seat covers.

This week our carpet set I ordered from a guy in Germany should also arrive shortly. 


Savely stored at home :)



Headrests, the side pads are not installed yet.



And a close up.


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Yesterday the carpet set for the Touring arrived, I'm impressed with the quality Looks great!

I found this guy (Arnold t auto teppich) http://www.carnold.de/ via an German 02 forum, there were a lot of other people who had purchased a set from him and they all had a great experience with him. He was als the only one that could deliver the coarse bouchlé fabric and the grey side boarding as original. Although sometimes contact was a bit slow via mail, I would buy again.


Where ever is a  hole needed in the carpet is nicily marked out on the underside. Nice touch.


A couple of pictures,







After work this Friday I cleaned up the welds some more of the firewall patch panel I've made previously. I also welded in the inner rocker panel at the rear and started preparing the section where the floor plugwelds on to. We might be able to use the spotwelder to spot the floor to the rocker. Frame rails I'll plug weld




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Another update! 


Today I fitted the floor several times again, each time trimming it more and more until it fitted just right.



After getting it tacked in place and plugwelded ot the chassis rail and firewall, I used the spotwelder to spot the flange of the flloor to the inner rocker.

In only 1-2 minutes is was spotwelded. Oh man, do I love this thing!







Completely welded and ground down, turned out great!



There is however a small hole where the metal was too thin to weld to. I'll have to make a small patch panel next time

It's hard to see, but it's at the upper corner, where the pedal box hole and transmission tunnel meet.



And covered in paint.





Underside also looked very good, still need to clean up the welds but that'll be for when the car is on it's side.

Nice and thight against the frame rail.


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