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Group 26R Batteries $49 at Walmart

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My tii needed a battery. Tiis take a small battery due to the master cylinder being further forward because of the big brake booster. Most people use a Group 26R. They're sometimes not easy to find, and when you do, they're about $100.


Turns out Walmart sells, as part of their ValuePower battery line, a Group 26R battery for $49. The battery is stamped as being made by Johnson Controls, one of the big three domestic battery manufacturers. It has a one-year guarantee, which is a little short, but, hey, $49.




I had to call six Walmarts before I found one that had them in stock.


They have a few other sizes as well, though not a full selection; you can see them online if you click on ValuePower. Looks like 24, 26, 26R, 35, 65, 75, and 78.


. I grabbed a Group 24 for the 635CSi, also $49.



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My current battery is also a Wal-Mart special--labeled EverStart, which I think was replaced by the ValuePower stickers, based on a quick search on Wally World's website (EverStart 540CCA, $48.88, out of stock; ValuePower 540CCA, $48.88, in stock). 




Yesterday mine fired up the '02 after a winter's storage without having to break out the charger or jumper cables. The battery had been disconnected for the winter, and it turned over even slower than usual, but it hung in there until the float chamber filled. And I checked the date code on it: January 2005.


'Course, now I've jinxed myself and will wind up push-starting it several times on the way to Arkansas...



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13 hours ago, Jesse.Online said:

Can anybody recommend another battery? My wal-mart is out of stock on all of the ones mentioned, the PO of my car put a huge battery in and its been rubbing the master cylinder.


You could also try calling your Walmart and see if they will order one for you or ship some to your store locally from another Walmart that has them in stock. They will notify you when it arrives and you can pick it up. 


If the person you talk to gives you a hassle,  ask for a manager. It should not be a problem. 


Believe me, I am half Redneck. I know the Walmart way. You may have seen pictures of me shopping there on the internet....

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2 hours ago, laundromatt said:

Looks like there are some near me.  I could use a new battery...  Any downsides for a non-Tii car?  (No Tii brake booster either.)  Thanks.


Get the biggest battery that will fit in the tray comfortably (clamp-down edges, terminals in the correct location).  No need to "go small" for the non-tii.

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If you have a Rural King store near you (similar to Tractor Supply but larger) they have group 26R batteries at prices comparable to Wally World. And the last time I bought a battery for my 02, WalMart had a Group 26 for $55 or so,but the 26R (identical except for reversed posts) were $74!  That's why I went to Rural King.



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So, I stole the Walmart battery from Kugel to resurrect Louie, and Old Blue hasn't ever had a battery, so when I decided to rouse Blue from slumber and put in back together, I needed a battery. I followed my post above to pick up two more Walmart 26R-VPs, but when I checked online, none of the stores in 50 mile radius had them.


The big three (Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly's) all have group 26R "silver" (one year guarantee) batteries for about a hundred bucks. Autozone has one, probably a re-case, for $70.


But, when I went on the Advance Auto Parts website, it said "Speed Perks (their membership program) Only Offer -- get 20% off your order." So, $80. That's better.


Then, I wondered... is there any discount that's better still?


I searched for "Advance Auto Parts coupon," and found that if you use the coupon code "savings," it's good for $30 off. I tried it, ordering the battery online for in-store pickup, and it worked -- total went down to about $70.


Then I thought I'd call to make sure the local store had it in stock. They did. I explained that I was ordering it online to get the coupon discount but would pick it up. The guy said "try the "TRT-41" coupon code. It'll get you $40 off." Maybe it's without the hyphen, I forget. I had to join their online Speed Perks program for it to recognize the coupon code, which doesn't seem to have a downside. But I got the battery for $60.


Probably should've bought two.




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Reviving this thread. I don't know if anyone else has trouble finding 26R batteries at Walmart anymore. But if stumbled across half a dozen at the Walmart in Woodburn Oregon just a couple of days ago. Bought one.

Not sure if these are still hard to find.  Still made by Johnson Controls. It was  $49 (if I remember correctly) and plus a $12 core charge.


The only thing that was concerning was that someone decided they didn't want their chicken breasts and decided to stick them in a box of Snickers in the checkout line.....


Gotta love the Walmart....The only place where you could get salmonella poisoning after eating a Snickers bar....

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