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Eimis Savickas

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Hi guys,


Just wanted to say hi to everyone here.

Bought my 74 BMW 2002 in November here in Chicago.

Didn't have a clue what I'm getting myself into.


Was able to start it up from a long time hibernation.

Drove it couple of miles and fell absolutely in love with it.


Currently the car is in a shop, for major body work...

Turned out it needed much more than I originally thought it will.

Lots of metal work and so on...

Probably would been better of selling it and buying a better one, but decided to go ahead and try to save it.


The car will be out of the body shop possibly sometime next week already. Can't wait to get it back and start learning/working on some of the stuff my self.


Definitely interested in meeting others in this group with their '02s in the spring! Also interested in going to those Tech Sessions at "The Werk Shop"!


Here are some pics of my '02 before it went to the bodyshop -






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Hi - I joined recently too.  Nobody really monitors this site, all the communication is on Face Book.  You should join Facebook group "Chicago '02 group". Good group of

people in the club.


Everyone's car needs some sort of work, you look like yours will keep you busy :)

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I'm picking it up tomorrow afternoon, finally...

The shop is in Indiana, they mainly do old car restorations, muscle cars and so on.

My BMW project was a lot of work, lots of welding, metal work, enormous amounts of surface rust throughout the body, shock tower rust,

spare tire well, etc, etc....


I didn't do the inside car paint yet though, just outside so it wasn't full body resto...


He are some before/after pics:












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Thanks man, shop is called Region Motors out of Hobart,IN or Hebron,IN keep mixing those up.

Lots of mixed feelings from others on that shop (based on reviews)...


But really had no issues besides them taking it longer than promised. They kept me updated pretty much every end of the day with pics of what they've done and so on, so I have records exactly what was done to the body from day one, whenever i decide to sell the car (probably not soon lol).

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