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If you want to keep them on the car and make them easily put back into service, get a bb (yes as in bb gun) and stuff it in the vacuum hose and reinstall it where it originally was. It will be made inoperative and sealed at the same time as well as easily removed for future use.

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Be really careful when plugging a vacuum line...I had used a sheet metal screw, suitably gooed up with some sealer to plug one of the brass vacuum ports in my intake manifold.  I decided that looked a little crude, so replaced it with a nice looking, tight-fitting plastic cap.  Apparently the cap leaked, and it caused a blown head gasket and nearly a burned piston due to an excessively lean mixture in #4 cylinder.  Now that port is brazed up...ain't gonna leak no mo'!  And if I ever need the port again, I just need to saw off the last couple of mm where the braze is.




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