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NEW PROJECT - 1973 Malaga tii - YONCÉ

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Looks like I'm going to clean up my entire interior tomorrow. I started with cleaning up an extra saddle headrest I had and it came out so nice that I have to do the rest of the interior now. It's amazing what a cocktail of certain cleaning chemicals can do for an interior. Here is a before/after photo. Both headrests looked like the example on the left.




I'm very pleased with the results. 



Then I figured I'd give the front grilles a good cleaning. I also remembered that I have so many sets of grilles so I chose the best center grille and slapped that on (but i didn't clean it up of dust, whatev). I removed all black slats and gave them a fresh coat of black and glued them back on, but not after I did some quick polishing on the side grilles. I only cut one finger and burned my arm with the heat gun so I guess you can say it was pretty successful.















Today was ultimately a coupe day, but I found a little time to do a few things on my own cars. I love coupes so much. 


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No, not at all. It doesn't work as well as mother's mag wheel polish for grilles, but I have yet to find something I like to polish out the cloudiness of the aluminum trim. It's likely that I will have to removed the anodized layer before I can get any real polishing done.

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Ryan- please tell us your cocktail for cleaning the seats. I have scrubbed the heck out of the two side rubberized pieces on the headrest but they still don't look good.

are you talking of the piping? One side is black and will probably be that way unless I go after full reupholstery 

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Two horizontal short pieces - too many cocktails consumed??

I'm so wasted right now. But I'll get photos tonight. It's really simple, I just mixed two different hand cleaners together and scrub them in. It works very well. 








Today I laid out a bunch of tii parts and took photos. I blew them up to look at later. I also found a fridgking center console for a 2002. Not sure what I'll do with it yet. Also took photos of tools that I'm unsure of their use.
Extra tii parts: 
121 head: 
Fridgking Console:
Hoping to identify most of these tii parts in the next month and have them cleaned/rebuilt/ stored accordingly. It's nice to have spares. 

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Jim - 


I mixed these two and scrubbed the seats down with a hard plastic-bristle brush. The Fast Orange has little abrasive beads, smaller than a grain of sand, and these work well for breaking up dirt and oil build up. The only downside is that once the vinyl or leather is dry, the pumice or sand particles are left behind. You have to rebrush the clean areas to dig out the little white sandy beads and with a shop vac, suck up all left over residue. Not a pain, but it is an extra step. This works miracles for cleaning vinyl though. 
I cleaned the elephant skin trunk panels using this method. It's very clean, aside from the patina. I'll use it. 
And I installed and cleaned the quarter reflectors on the driver's side grille and then slapped both back on the car with fresh stainless steel hardware. It's the little things that give me the most satisfaction.
I'm still brainstorming on the paint. This car might be a candidate for a Mexican Paintjob. Don't be fooled, Tijuana has two or three very highly regarded paint shops that give killer deals on cars. There have been members on r3v that have done this with great success. I'm considering it. 
Or I'll just shoot the car up north to Sacramento and have my buddy spray it. I'll push the bumpers in, but I'll probably leave the US-DOT side marker on. The car is so dark that the side markers add a little bit of contrast, which is needed in my opinion.
I also snagged a set of dealer-optioned tii wheels from 1972. I traded my mesh wheels from the blue car for them. I'm ok with this trade.

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I'm really curious about the shops in Tijuana since it was discussed in this thread: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/topic/174790-taller-los-ponchos-tijuanaany-personal-experiences-socal-alternatives/?hl=tijuana


Seems like people have had really good results

This piqued my interest as well.


I'd shoot the car down this weekend but I'm headed to Portland for business, then to Colombia for God knows why. I won't be back for a few weeks. I will test the Tijuana waters, though. That is the plan. 


Risks. I take them.

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I fixed and threw in another 3-spoke wheel that is "correct" for this tii. I have some trick alpina wheels and knobs but idk if this car will get them. But maybe. 7Ef9d4i.jpg?2

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Great car, and great progress.  Wheels are a whole thing, aren't they?  Maybe the key isn't to try to find the perfect ones, but find some you like, but keep looking.  End up with 2 or 3 sets that you like and just change around periodically.  



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These were dropped off: 





These are 14x5.5" 2000cs steel wheels with all trim rings and caps. Excellent score. I'll either have them widened, or the offsets manipulated to give the deeper look. These will have a home on the florida 1600 car.

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I did some work to the tii today. It idled fine, but when the engine is cold and you give it gas, sometimes it would choke. I know I have vacuum leaks in the engine bay, but I wanted to first play with the timing, adjust valves, and get new spark plugs in there, since this will create a good baseline for farther tuning.




First, I removed the strut bar. I really like this particular strut bar. So much, that I'm sending it out for powder coating, along with the air box and other things. I didn't get a photo of the strut bar, but I did get photos of the air box. Currently, the airbox is painted with black crinkle coat paint. I want this stripped, and all hardware dipped. 




I spent some time cleaning up another valve cover I had. This will do for now, but I intend to pull all aluminum off the motor and have it sent out for tumbling and ceramic clear coat for that perfect aluminum look. This will also allow me to change all seals and gaskets, so it makes sense. 





With the valve cover now off, I was able to do some snooping around. I found some goodies under there. From what I was able to see, I verified a Schrick Camshaft and Schrick valve springs. I can't tell which cam is in there, since the important markings are at the end of the cam on the timing chain side. I'm guessing it's a 292 by the way the car idles and my past experiences with the 292. 


You can barely make out the word "Schrick" in this photo:



And the valve springs:



Someone really put some love into this motor. The PO says the motor was fully rebuilt, but I don't have documentation since the guy responsible is now mad at me and the seller. Apparently he wanted first right to buy back this tii and "keep it in the family" but when the PO offered it to him, he made a ridiculously low offer for both this tii and a nice 325ix. The seller was offended and two years later, it sold to me. The guy who wanted it owns an indy shop in San Diego and refuses to speak to me about the car. Strange dude. I just want to know it's history. Either way, I'm stoked. 



I went ahead and checked valve clearances and all rockers had .006 of clearance, which is a bit tight, but makes sense for a high compression, cammed tii motor. I decided not to adjust anything and button her back up, but not before I changed the plugs to new Bosch units, all gapped to .40, as is suggested with tii motors. I figure that with a hot motor like this, .40 gaps will create a hotter spark. With the current 002 dizzy with pertronix, the motor will be happier. When I pulled the old plugs out, they were actually really nice, but were gapped at about .35, and didn't feel the greatest at idle. 


With the new plugs and everything buttoned up (but I left the airbox off), I started the car and let it warm up. The idle steadied out and the lumpy cam was very apparent. I decided to take the car out for a quick drive and get gas. I drove the car fairly spirited and confirmed that 1. the cam really kicks in at about 4k rpms and 2. the LSD unit works very well. The car is fun, and has good power. I believe the rumors from the PO. This car really moves. 




Pleased with the engine (for now), I went ahead and replaced the driver's side door stop mechanism and tinkered with the center console. I'll make this one really nice with multiple parts I have set aside. I also added euro turn signals but I forgot to get photos. 



I started cleaning the engine bay up even more and noticed that this engine has an upgraded starter as well. It's much smaller than the stock unit. 




This tii is so great. I'm more and more into it every time I tinker. 

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