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Custom One-Off Roof Rack Build for a BMW 2002

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Thanks for sharing !!  I would like to know if you did the photography ?  It's nice to see some high quality images to go along with a write up.  


I'd also be interested in any insight and details about what lighting and/or modifiers you might have used.  I have collected quite a bit of lighting gear over the years and always interested in learning different ways to put them to use.


Lastly what a nicely done job on the rack !!




Hi Ken, thank you! Yes I did all the photography in this write up. My setup is actually quite simple, I use an older Canon T2i with an old 35mm film lens (that I got for $5 at a swap meet) adapted to it for most of my photos. The product photography setup itself is a budget system ordered from Amazon. Can't really shell out for a professional setup just yet. It's a large 10ft white paper roll that is installed up in my rafters with a pull chain so I can lower it down when I want to use it. Here it is:





If I had one of these I'd probably stop turning around to look at my car when I leave it. To turning around to look at my roof rack. [emoji1417]

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Haha, thank you!


Gorgeous quality work. Bravo.



Fantastic. Really nice work, great creativity, and a very nicely documented write up. Bravo all around. 



Great work!!!



Epic RACK :)


Got pix of it installed?



Gorgious work.





I think you might slowly build a legend as a car rack hero.....



Beautiful work, with excellent photos & documentation.  Well done!


Thank you so much everyone! The kind words are very encouraging and appreciated. I'm sure Andrew will post some pictures of it on his car when he debuts it later this year.

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Mikey,  I am thrilled and simply cannot wait to put this to good use.  Thank you so much for taking the time to make this happen.


Happy to hear Andrew! My pleasure!


Take a bow. Both the rack and the thread are works of art. Andrew is a very lucky guy.


Thank you!



Love the thought you put into this from head to toe -- those anchor loops kick ass, very functional and just look great -- your attention to detail really comes thru... and as others have said the photos are top notch! And that's coming from a guy who stares at photo imagery day in day out.


That means a lot, thank you. I'm still getting the hang of product photography but am pretty happy with how all of these photos turned out.

Awesome...beautifully handcrafted. Great job.

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