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  for the past two weeks i have been searching for a water leak

that really did not show itself. i had just about resolved to take

the head off and have it tested. so i statrted the car one more

time before i was going to drive it out into the rain we were having

and try not to make too much of a mess with the coolant. the car

is a customers regular driver and a tii which i had recently swapped

in a known good motor for her exploded one. i had the air cleaner

out and the motor was running and i saw a hint. the rail where the 

oil pan bolts to the block on the driver side was now carrying green

fluid.   What did i touch in the last 30 minutes?????  well i tightened

hoses and even the "water outlet neck" on the head. i turned the car 

off and followed a trail upstream to the spot where i could see fluid

weeping from the neck. when i put the motor in i replaced every hose

and clamp, and checked and cleaned every mating surface for the

hoses. this thing looked okay so i reluctantly put on my readers and 

saw a leak coming from the water neck. so then 20 minutes later

and alot of very fast wrenching got me to the part and i had it off.

i just barely tested the flange and i had two parts. i do a ton of work 

on 2002's but i have not seen it all yet. this was a sobering learning

experience. now i have to go search the bins for a spare to put on.

i just wanted to mention a small victory. i also need to wear those

damn glasses more often.

thanks for reading





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These will break if the intake and water neck are not the same thickness where the washer sets.  Tighten the nut and the water neck side cracks.

Guess using different composition gaskets (on a tii) would cause this? Or using gasket sealer rather than a proper gasket?  I'm thinking the water neck would be more prone to cracking on a carb'd car that uses non-factory intake manifold.

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