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2002 Turbo at the Detroit Car Show

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As a side note, the way this article is written, it says that the 2002 is in the Neue Klasse of BMWs.  But don't most people consider the NKs as just being the 4-door sedans (1500, 1600, 1800, 2000, like as we have a separate forum here?  I do not know know if the 02 are truly considered NKs, so that's why I'm asking.  

I know why this author and so many other online articles refer to 02s as NKs.  It's because if you google BMW 2002, the NK wikipedia article pops up first.  Most bloggers just look at wikipedia for the info, and re-state in their write-up.  The wiki article doesn't address this directly, and I don't have access to the books they cite.

In any case, I really think 2002s need a separate wikipedia page, instead of just a section at the bottom of the NK page.     

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