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Gauging Interest 1970 BMW 2002

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Year:: 1970

Make:: BMW

Model:: 2002

Price:: 10000

Location: : Aptos CA

Hey guys, I think the time has come to send my car on its way to a new home where someone can enjoy her as much as I have. I've included some information about the car and will answer any questions to interested parties. Lots of time, blood, sweat, tears, and $$$ put into my baby. I just ran out of motivation. Priorities have changed. Not in a rush to sell it but if I get the right offer it could be had today.


Brother in law used to work for dinan in mountain view and had a line on a motor that had been sitting in his former parts managers garage for a few years. Apparently the owner of the motor had it built up from the ground up and never came with the final check. So the parts manager bought it for the final amount due. I bought it from him (still unused) and know a bit about it just from pulling the head off to re seal everything. The motor has oversized pistons and the head had double valve springs. Oil pump was brand new too. All parts were shiny and new. I was told that it had been blue printed and mapped out to be bullet proof. I put a brand new schrick 292 cam in as well(the real McCoy). I added a set of brand new weber dcoe 45's from pierce manifolds. I also have a brand new lynx manifold and carb set up as well for it as I was in the process of changing it when I lost motivation. IE radiator, silicone hoses, and a hardey and beck header.


tii break booster

Tii master cylinder.

Stainless steal break lines

Big break kit in the front (Volvo)

Disc breaks in the back (VW)

Suspension Front:

It has ground control coilovers with bilstein sport inserts (rabbit inserts to go with the shortened struts) eiboch springs.

Adjustable kmac camber plates.

Suspension Rear: billy sports, IE stage 2 lowering springs.

All rubber bushings were replaced with new urethane including the rear differential carrier mounts.

Transmission and Diff:

5 speed tranny conversion done with a brand new E30 M3 pressure plate and tii clutch disc.

JBR Aluminum flywheel added as well

LSD 3.91 installed

Interior looks rough but in reality it's not bad. It's got jaguar front seats and a 6 series rear seat conversion. Carpet is rough now but was a etsy kit from 6 years ago. Door cards need work but they do have the aardvark plywood kits on them. I have another set in great shape that go with it.

Exterior is relatively strait. No crashes or bondo that I know of. Only rust that is more than surface is on the passenger side front fender in the common place at the bottom. Rockers, shock towers, tire well, and all the important areas are not rusty. Surface rust is present in various places but overall it has a cool patina...

There's a thousand other little things like trap mirrors and euro turns and euro rear bumper and front spoiler etc etc etc. I'm sure I missed a bunch but that should help give you an idea of what I mean... It's not a $1000-$3000 parts car... It's pretty well sorted... Just needs someone who has time & $ and motivation.

Bad news is It's not running at the moment. I pulled the duel sidedraft and started putting on the Lynx single sidedraft but never finished it. The wiring system is a mess too. I was planning on starting from scratch with a painless kit but again, motivation lapse... I also have a tone of spare parts that I'd be glad to include if the price is right. Serious interest only. I'm open to offers and if you wanna come kick the tires.

Interested to hear your responses...


email and leave a message with your phone number and I'll get back to you ASAPpost-38103-0-70229000-1453061008_thumb.j

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