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2002 &tii Exhaust Manifold Cover

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Hello '02 Everyone,


Here is a necessary item for your car from Current '02 Parts Inventory of #2,300+ Parts.


To Date I Have Shipped Over #815 Orders in Over 21 Countries With #300+ 2002 Friends : )


* Same-Day Shipping = Your Order *


Important '02 Part Needed With Any M10 Motor And For Safe Management Of Exhaust Heat . . . . . The Manifold Shield.


!! This is an EARLY, Pre-'73 Exhaust Manifold Shield = No Longer Available and Very Hard To Come By !!


Every Item In Inventory Is Priced Based Upon Perfection. The Early Exhaust Manifold Shield ROCKS! and has been Long NLA  : )





Cast-Alloy is Molded and Not Stamped Like the Late-Model Steel Ones Making Them Much Thicker and Much, Much Stronger!


·             Early Pre-'73 Model       =   OEM Brand, No Longer Available

·         Superior Cast Alloy       =   As Opposed To Thin Stamped Steel

·        Lightning Fast Order    =  Drop-Box Priority Mail Shipping ($11.45)





At Least 4-Times the Metal Thickness as the Cheapo Steel ones!!






I Usually Sell these for $70+ and Letting This One Go for - $45






ORIGINAL, OEM, NLA and "WAY SUPERIOR" To The Cheesy-Thin Late Model Exhaust Manifold Covers that Rust!


. . . . . . Has the Cool (literally) Intake Tube for Outside Air on the Front.





This Heat-Tempered Aluminum Alloy, DOES-NOT RUST!!  Like the Late Model Steel Ones Do.




Originally Priced at the BMW Dealer 25-years Ago for $110.   SAVE 59% Off the No Longer Available '02 Part . . . . . . . at $45 !!


$45  +  Shipping $11.45 including Insurance




PAYMENT IS VIA: Google Wallet for FREE OR SquareUp Credit Card Invoice for + 2.75% More


You are Welcome to Contact me directly, Call OR Text: 303 - 999 - 1190

This Exhaust Shield Fits a Custom Box For USPS small Priority Mail Shipping which is $11.45 -- Insurance (Included)  =  Simple Enough


In General Shipping is most commonly via USPS with the Parcel Select service which is Distance sensitive. Here, the weight of the package determines the Shipping cost. OR Priority Mail which is Flat-rate in standard boxes  =  "If It Fits – It Ships"


Large Packages between 60 lbs. and 100 lbs. may ship FedEx Ground. Larger shipments heavier than 100 lbs. are sent via Common Carrier with Pilot Freight who has 75 warehouses in major cities around the country.

Every Single Package is Shipped with Insurance.

I will ship to anywhere in the World : )

As always, thanks for Looking!


Feel Free to Call OR Text Bryce: 303 -- 999 -- 1190

Always the Fastest Method!








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be careful if you're considering buying from this guy...his reputation is less than stellar


google search Bryce Veller & DenverTii...read the remarks to save falling down the rabbit hole




I have been hesitant to jump in in the past not wanting to "get involved".


I was the new guy Esty is referring to when I first got on the forum - seduced by the great photos Bryce takes of clean parts and his promises over the phone of speedy delivery of above average parts... many months and phone calls (initiated by me of course) listening to Bryce make excuses and sad stories about why he could not provide my order, after having paid Bryce in advance for the parts, I ended up with "most" of what I purchased.


Sadly I used very few of the parts as they were subpar / broken / or at minimum not what was represented... or so late in delivery I sourced them from other places more quickly to keep my project going. It was the single worst experience I have had buying parts over the internet on this forum or in the past for other project cars. I will never purchase another part from Bryce - I looked at this thread only because I am in need of a grill...and wanted to remember what one looked like :)


I am thankful for Esty dropping in on these threads, I view it as a help to an otherwise fantastic community of trustworthy folks - I wish I had been fortunate enough to read a similar post before I got snookered.


I had a very different experience purchasing from Esty...easy / predictable / quality product at a probably too low price.


This is my opinion and experience - to each their own.


*see http://www.bmw2002fa...assenger-grill/










did i tell you that he's an international scammer...


have google translate it for you, it's a Russian BMW forum https://www.drive2.ru/l/5886098/

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