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SOLD- Beautiful Recaro seats

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Price:: 650

Location: : far far away


Hey guys, i am back with a few sets of seats.


sets are shipped from my home in Thailand. 

Shipping cost: $230

Shipping time: 8-10 weeks

Tracking number provided.

Seats are shipped separately. Shrink-wrapped. 2 giant boxes with tons of foam and padding.


seats you see here are NOT stock photos, all are sitting in my shop now.

priced $650-$1200


I do custom work on request. 

I have great feedback on this forum and on ebay.

Please contact me with any questions.


all the black color seats will match your 2002 leather texture/color, except for the sr3 with m3 stitching, that is e36/e46 texture


LX with red stitching and sr3 with m3 stitching are heated. wires and switches for the heaters included















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Hey yall, just finished another set of seats. this is a set on LXA style seats form the early 2000. LXA seats have lower leg bolsters, which means easy to get in and out of your car . in great condition, Recaro embroidery, net head rests. Darker brown color, super soft to the touch.  



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Hey guys. The red stitched seats above have sold. Attached are two more photos of seats that I have for sale. One is LXC and one is old school LS, similar to e21 but without leg extensions. The LS set has the popular Recaro gradations! My apologies for poor pictures, I broke my computer this week. I will put up a proper listing next week with better pictures.



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Do you happen to have some blue seats?! Wish I could ship mine to you to have them redone but shipping would be a pain.

I would be happy to make you a blue set. We could work out a deal where you use your own plastics and headrests in order to save money. PM me if you are interested

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so which ones are the $650? I am looking for e21 style recaros for my yup...e21.

The set in the very first picture is $650. The seats in the attached photo are also $650, but with slightly diffrent halo nets.

I don't have any e21 Recaro seats at the moment, but I do have a set of LSC seats. I'll start recovering them this week.



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Hi There, looking for a set to complete me restoration.

would like them in a light brown/dark tan color.

do you have anything ready to be shipped?

pics and prices please.


Thank You,  Tony..

Hi tony. Both of these sets are ready and waiting in my shop. The darker set has a 48 hour hold on it as I have been talking to another customer about it. The lighter one is ready to go today. Send me a personal message if you are interested. Thanks! Blake




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hey guys.


little update to this listing:


the heated m3 stitched sr3 is sold


the black LXC set is sold




I just got a few sets of seats in, and will start to recover them soon. let me know if you have any custom requests


i have available:








i have only one set of LS. can put with B or C or D base






i have a set of regular halo headrests for sale


i also have a set of very rare giant halo rests for sale

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