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Mission Creep and AC

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I am in the process getting a 5 speed swap, and I have fallen victim to "Hey while you are there...."


5 speed lined up.


Thus I personally added the following: (My mechanic is a nice guy-none of this is his idea) 


Then boom!


Differential replacement. 

Center bearing 

Fresh transmission mount 

New Guibo with bolts. 

New clutch kit with the 5 speed throw out bearing and brass pivot. 


Then having a few small issues with running higher temps: 

"Well he's under there"...


New aluminum radiator

New silicon hoses

New thermostat. 

New water pump. 

New smaller radiator fan..(recommended for the Ireland radiator) 


While he has room to maneuver.. High output alternator install...


Hey, the water pump needs the radiator out and the AC compressor needs to be removed...SO....


New Sanden 508, 

New fittings for the Sanden

Hobie Dave bracket. 

Red TeK R12a refrigerant recharge kit. (better than Freon..) 


I first thought well I will have him drop the compressor in and call it good. But then more reading and this lead to: and thus I have yet to purchase....


Compressor Oil. 

An AC hose kit. (Ebay now running $79) has the receiver/drier...

a 10X18 parallel flow condenser. 

flare to O-ring 6 and 10 adapters for the evaporator..(I think I found the correct ones but I need confirmation): 

A fan for the condenser

A doghouse to sleep in for awhile....


My questions are: 


The evaporator will be out: 

1. Do I really need to change the expansion valve in the evaporator? It seems to be working fine for the moment. 

If I need to, then which one do I purchase?

2. I had a hell of a time trying to find the flare to O-ring adapter for the evaporator: 

Is this it?




and yes I have found the copper flare gaskets needed.... 


3. Trying to figure out which condenser fan will fit. It seems that a lot of people list either a low profile 10" or 12" fan. With the 12' taking a lot of work to fit.


Well.... Spal makes an 11" low profile pusher fan listed at 970 cfm. has anyone tried it ? 


4. What type of compressor oil is best? The Red Tek 12a  is supposed to work with all types. How much oil do I need? 


5. and God forbid... Is there other preventative maintenance that could be done with all this other stuff going on?  (heater box?) 


I will then have to stop after this for awhile until I can then find a few more armored cars to rob....


I would appreciate some input... 


Thank you all: 



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I would probably run ester oil. Generally compatible with R12 and R134a  (Many Sandens come already filled will oil. Might be a good idea to get one with oil already since it took me forever searching for the correct amount of oil to put into my Sanden 508



Here are the various flare adapters. http://nostalgicac.com/fittings-hose-kits/flare-adapters.html


And yes make damn sure you use the copper crush washers.


You should replace the expansion valve. http://nostalgicac.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=expansion



There is also a air conditioning "Loctite" if you will which you put on the O rings which helps them seal and not bind. Highly recommended




I would definitely rebuild the heater box while under there if you dont know the last time that was done. Its only a couple hours work with the AC already removed.

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What he said


Can't answer all your questions , but yes  replace the expansion valve  If it takes a dump, the AC is useless  They are cheap.

Regarding the fan use the biggest highest flow one you can .   Rob Seigel - the Hack Mechanic -  has a long section in his book about AC conversions.  He suggests using one that will suck dogs off the sidewalk.


Yes  "while you've got the hood up" go through your heater box and heater valve. Check the core and rebuild the valve if there is any question.  Blunt sells a kit that makes the valve better than new

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