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E30 Basketweaves for 4 Speed parts

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Price:: 400

Location: : 17268

I have a set of four E30 Basket weave wheels I would like to sell or trade for parts to change my auto to 4 speed so if you have parts (tranny, pedal box etc) and would like some wheels and tires let me know... wheel info below...

4- E30 Basket weaves

7/10 condition

Tires are 205-60-14 less than 800 mi.

One wheel either needs balanced better or a trip to wheel shop..rode fine until new tire install now has a bit of vibration.

Ran the wheel/tires on my 75 just wasnt as fond of the look as my steelies with some new paint.

Wheels have been repainted by my father some years ago when they were his. Roundels are in perfect shape.

Would really like to sell/trade as a package to someone on east coast. I am in south central PA and travel to DC/VA for work often and dont mind meeting somewhere to negate shipping.

Pics below...0f2600dd42bec0be8422ebcb95788e8a.jpgf6d8b2f20f629a1f4e2e34a237e3223b.jpgbe70c8693236a5a2d22679a28247759d.jpg6338dcb7b2a4c0781d165db907a5642e.jpg59baeec2e88cff4dc93d66553e804660.jpgcc7924f174363a5980bbd319eb8a1643.jpg15b0e73dfc988f01d6fd4319c3d21297.jpg07d74ae707cc4a2d36c71e0027442513.jpg16bdc39a45a723489e8fd90f4d3609bd.jpgbd91a2a4ad35c1e20b2448eca70b7d91.jpg

From Galaxy S6

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