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New bolts kit

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Happy New year and Happy 02'ing in 2016.


I decided to treat the 02 to a belated Xmas pressie, in the shape of a rear axle rebuild.


I stripped it a while ago and of course took loads of photos - not !!  :oops:


Anyway, I'm a bit unsure of a few of the bolts from the W&N kit.  Most of them I'm fine with and are pretty obvious, but I could do with a bit of help from someone who has used the kit.


In the pic below:


Not sure what the bolts labelled (1) are for ?  Are these for the diff (short nose)?


Same with (2).  Not sure about these at all ?  Also, the large thick washers, where do these go ?



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OK.  I have sussed it now.  My 'new' diff still had the bolts attached so I realised my mistake.


Looking forward to building it now.  Still need to source new springs (undecided on which) and I need to sort the driveshafts for the LSD.


Will be nice to take a short break from welding and sorting out the bodywork. :) And see some nice shiny items coming together. 



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If you're building your car primarily for the street but want better-than-stock handling...I'm very happy with H&R Sport springs and Bilstein HD shocks, paired with 22/19mm sway bars front and rear, with urethane bushings on the sway bars only. Those springs lower the car a little over an inch, and the combination makes for flatter cornering but won't jar your fillings out on rough roads.


Nice "exploded diagram" picture, BTW



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Thanks Mike.   I did toy with the idea of the poly sway bar bushes, but went with stock in the end.  I might invest in the poly subframe mount inserts.  It's a simple job to swap the sway bar bushes later, if I want, I guess.


I do like H&R stuff.  I've had them before on my Golf and the ride was great.  I was going to try and find some Eibach springs, since they always have good reviews. 


I have new Koni shocks all round rather than the Billies though.

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