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1972 BMW 2002 in Oakland, CA

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Year:: 1972

Make:: BMW

Model:: 2002

Price:: 5000.00

Location: : Oakland, CA

I saw this ad and thought I would pass it along.  A 1972 BMW 2002 in Malaga over ???.  No pictures, but owner has made some repairs and upgrades.  Some rust in the usual places.










Ad text here...


Offered here is my 1972 BMW 2002. 

It is "Malaga" in color, which means maroon to you and me. 

1972 means it still has the old-style fenders, and round tail lamps.

In the three years I have owned the car I have (in no particular order):

rebuilt the transmission

replaced the: 

engine with a (mostly) re-built one.

the defroster fan


ignition switch

brake light & backup light switches

dash cluster and speedo cable (It now has the 1960's era "radio" guages)

trunk lock

turn signal switch

wheel bearings



I just registered it last month. It has rust in some of the usual places for this model, but it's not horrible. It also has a Recaro leather interior, from a later model of BMW. It's currently running a Pioneer 8-track player but, oh yeah, I'm keepin that. At one point I had the parking brake lever welded with new a new bracket (which you cant see). It's now solid as a rock. Around the same time I had the differential re-sealed. Actually, I could go on and on here. I have service records going back quite a ways. The car was a bit of a barn find and I've brought it back to life. Or rather, I paid to have that done. I love the car, but my girlfriend & I don't really need two cars. What I'd like now is a motorcycle. Especially if you have a R50/5, preferably white. I'm open to trades.

I can be reached at (415) 307-1241.

Thanks for looking, and Happy New Year!

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Mark - Thanks for posting these CL ads. The seller actually posted a few pictures and it looked quite nice, I was surprised it was priced at 5k. I sent a note and he didn't end up responding.


I'm in the market for one of these after returning to the states from overseas the last few years. I don't have a car currently and would love to tinker with one of these. Hopefully I'll pick up one in the 5-10k range in the next few weeks. I can travel thankfully so I would enjoy flying to pick something up.

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The Seller quoted me a list of panels he's gotten quotes on for replacement. Shiny paint may not show the full story? Again, no photos of the underside, pans, closeups etc.

He listed both floorpans, rockers, nose, roof and hood. He didn't mention patching or "repair" so better give it a good look over.


I'm noticing a lot of these "just bought it and now selling it" listings. Knowing how hard it is to get an '02 that tells me they purchased and now realize just how bad it is...


I suppose its "possible" that someone buys a second car "loves it" but only then realizes there's no space to keep it.

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Agreed there was much that could have been hidden, I haven't gotten a reply and Oakland is a bit far from Texas to make an in person visit. I hope he provides you with a bit better look at the car.

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