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Spec on banded steels for my 02

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Hi guys. Hope you had a great Christmas

I'm looking at buying some banded steels for my project, which will have VW golf arches on it. I'm finding it a bit tricky to get these on myself, as I'm no welder by any stretch, so I'm entrusting someone in the know to do it for me. The problem is, he wants the wheels I'll be running on first to see what he needs to do with the arches.

Seeing as I'm banding steel wheels, I can make em any width I want, but do any of you lot know what the ideal width and offset would be? I was thinking 9" for the tears, but what sort of offset do I need to clear the bits behind?

I can't get my head around the widths and how the offset affects it all. Hoping there's a few gurus on here to point this complete novice in the right direction.


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If this is a stretchy pokey question, I don't know.


If this is a handling question, then an 8" rim with about zero offset and flares is probably

as much rim as a normally aspirated 2002 needs.

Unless you're doing something different, like rallying in snow.


fwiw, which isn't much.



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Cheers for the reply Toby.

It's roughly 50/50 poke and handling. The width wouldn't be that important if an 8" wheel brought it out to the flared arch. I just want the wheel to be as close to the flare as possible. It seems to me that the wider the better for both the aesthetics and handling. Win win, surely!

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If there's any wheel gurus on here, I've found somewhere that bands the wheels for a decent price, but need to know if the sizes will work for me

Bearing in mind I'm going for VW golf flares, would 15x9 et 11.5 go in the back with 8's et 25 for the front?

the size options are

15x9 et 11.5

15x8.5 et 18

15x8 et 25

15x7.5 et 30

What's the widest I can go front and back with these options?

Any help much appreciated guys

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