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Hey, Steve,


The search function does not seem to be working.


Hope you are having a happy holiday.





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I just noticed today that when I search for an item on the forum there are times when I get no results. If I search for the same item or words and leave it on the google default I get results returned and many are from the forum. Don't know what this is but it may be the reason for people being chastised for not using the search function first, Just tonight found info on gas pedal, window install and removal, and other body parts. Not complaining but thought I might have missed something somewhere.


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seems like the search indexing is goofed.  when i do a search i get lots of pertinent results.  click on one of the results and get sent somewhere else in the thread the result was in.  no where near where the listed result is.

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1/ go to my m2 madness thread in projects

2/ enter "corner weight" as search term

3/ select "this topic" for search range

4/ hit enter

5/ go to second finding on list.  dated JUN12.

6/ click on that date in the finding

7/ result takes you to page 17 in the thread, dated october 2012.  the selected post found in the search is not even on that page.  it is several pages earlier.


the new forum style does not have post numbers either, so you can't search or reference a post number in a thread.


i find this is a problem with many of the searches i am doing. 

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