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Removal of distributor from engine housing...

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Hi Guys,


I am struggling with something very trivial here (at least I thought it would be) - I am trying to take out the distributor as a whole unit cause I am finding as I drop my engine from the bottom there is a good chance the dizzy will knock the firewall and I don't want to damage it. 


I have the factory manual (electronic off bmw2002faq) but to my luck that chapter on dizzy removal is missing. I have checked my Haynes manual and all it says is the following


1) Disconnect vac pipe from the capsule

2) Release the clamp bolt on the dizzy housing and withdraw the dizzy upwards


I have followed the above steps and tried lifting my distributor upwards but it doesn't move upwards at all. Is there more to it? Or do I pull it harder?


This is what I would like to have in the end (Not my photo - credit to whoever owns it):



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It might need a wiggle to break it free. You can carefully insert a screwdriver into the slot in the housing to spread it slightly but go easy. Some twisting and upward pulling should get it free. The o ring adds to the friction.

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What they said. Look at the gears in the photo you posted. You can't pull straight up. It needs to twist as the cam/distributor gears are preventing it from pulling straight up. 


Equally as important as your distributor is the radiator. Make sure its out because if the engine leans/tilts forward (they tend to when the gearbox is off) you'll risk damaging it. 


FWIW, usually I will attach the engine hoist to the motor (or motor/trans combo) and lift so that I can remove the subframe and transmission bracket fasteners without the engine moving (much). From there, as you lower the motor, you can stick a towel/rag between the firewall/distributor because the motor/trans is loose/free and you can wheel it forward an inch or two. 

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