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On Sex,Youth, BMWs and cultural anthropology re. Winston TJ

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Testosterone levels in human males tend to peak in the late teenage years. It is at the same time that we can finally afford cars,  as we have finally gotten a job better than delivering newspapers. Your recent discussion on the prior ownership of your car made me laugh out loud. I enjoyed it so much that I felt a new thread should be begun, in order to make encourage everyone (our Faq compatriots) to read yours.


Unfortunately the problem-solving skills of young teenage males, and bank accounts, often leave much to desire when it comes to correct maintenance of a classic German BMW 2002. I immediately recounted things I had done to my first 1602, "at seventeen" like use a wooden base to place a Austin Healy 100-4 drivers bucket seat in it.    All screwed together of course.   It did work, and was blue leather. But it makes me cringe now when I think of the danger factor, and crude methods.


The teenage prior owner of Winstons car had  two primary goals to satisfy. Number one providing for the needs of libido and his dating partners, and number two providing for maintenance of his BMW,  an appropriate status symbol for a young man. (if you visit South Beach Miami, or LA, you'll see a large number of people driving Aston Martin's, Ferraris , and other libidinal status symbols, which they have leased, while living in a small apartment. This is purely for dating success. Florida is flat, and not a particularly enjoyable place to drive a high-performance car. The cars serve as badges of success. )  The modern equivalent of peacock feathers.

Women are looking for signs of success, (indicating that you can take care of them, and provide a wholesome fathering to their eggs and your potential child to be ) -they would prefer that you have a trust fund, home with a luxury bathroom,  a Jacuzzi, Harley Davidson motorcycle with solid motor mounting system, and other things which appeal to their biological evolution.   However for female teenagers, a car usually will suffice. 


Different cultures have different mating rituals. While removing the headliner from the BMW 2002 turbo, something fell down onto my head and made a rattling noise. At first I couldn't find it, and then picked it up and set it on the steering wheel to look at it. Maybe some of you can tell me what it is, I am unsure, it had a small glassine packet  within it. I also noted that the dating rituals of males in Tokyo include Large amplifiers, and extensive speaker systems, which apparently represent a cross-cultural methodology of aurally attracting women. 


If aliens were to visit our planet in a spaceship from another galaxy, they would say that humans have the most bizarre mating dance, and mating rituals on the planet. Winston's car provides a fascinating microcosm of early male development and teenage life.


I like to imagine what might've gone on inside the Tokyo turbo, in it's earlier life. Who knows, maybe people went to NURU bars, and indulged in additional sorts of pleasurable activities, like drinking warm sake, and eating fresh sushi. 


Again, many thanks to Winston for providing warm memories of childhood, and much laughter. All my best, Peter





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I hope he's not on the forum these days... he's probably a really great guy!!


Have a wonderful holiday!


P.S. I shouldn't be cursing the PO, or the car, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into when I paid ~$200 for the '71  :D


P.P.S.: Thank god my first few cars were VW's and Audi's (VW's with a paint job back then), not BMWs... 

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If there were more Anthropology Professors out there like you, there would be many many students that would love to attend your classes, and we would have a lot more anthropology graduates...looking for work...  :huh:

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