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BEHR A/C, Dash lettering, Shift patterns

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I have created a new series of decals/stencils for interested owners.


You may reference the installation guide here:




Each stencil costs $16/shipped worldwide.  Each 4 speed (special) shift pattern decal costs $10/shipped worldwide.


The price for any second set of decal or stencil is an additional $10.


My Paypal is mofaraz [at] uw [dot] edu


Please include your preferred shipping address & the type of decal/stencil you would like to purchase.


You will receive from me:


1) Payment confirmation

2) Shipping confirmation with USPS tracking #


Please pm me or post a reply if you have any questions & I will get back to you.


Thanks for looking,


Mo Faraz



Instruments stencil kit: $20/shipped




A/C Stencil kit: $20/shipped




Special shift pattern decal: $18/shipped





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I'd like to order a set of your instrument decals. Thanks for doing this. I had the dash for my 72 tii recovered at Just Dashes in California. They were able to tack the old lettering on but they could stand to be replaced.I will go to Paypal and will place a payment for $20. This will come from my wife's payPal account Annmurt.


     Our address is:  Steve Sundberg

                                20 Woodland Rd  Edina, Mn 55424  952-239-6562

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Steve- That sounds like an outstanding story, I am only happy to provide you with the resources to restore your car & good luck with your project...


Vince- Thanks for your interest & order....


Both decals have been shipped and should arrive by weeks end.


Thanks to all,


Mo Faraz

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5 minutes ago, EuroOhTwo said:

hi Mo,


I am needing a normal 5 speed. Can you confirm that these are dry transfer letters similar to the old Letraset of days gone by. Used many thousands of that stuff before the Mac took over the graphic design biz.



Hi  George, 


Thanks for your interest.  Pm sent regarding 5 speed shift pattern.




Mo Faraz

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1 hour ago, bluedevils said:

Paypal sent for a dash (instruments) kit.



Thanks Al, 


Package will ship 12/27.  I will email you tracking # & of course add a little gift for (Christmas + all your hard work) on the forum(s) ;)


Happy Holidays,



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