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I'm wanting to get some knowledgeable opinions. May be looking to get rid of this 02. A few years ago my daughter wanted something different to drive to high school. (it was 2 miles away) Now she needing to get a more daily dependable vehicle for college. (and a car that will sit outside in a dorm parking lot, not gonna be this one)


I’d like to get some idea on value. It is 75 Automatic (yes I know that is not as desirable) but this car is super clean for its age. It has spent most all of its life in the back corners of garages and shops, yet still being kept up and driven. Everything (except wear parts) is original on this vehicle. A buyer could go a couple directions with this car, add a great paint job and have a cherry original car, or use it as a starting point for an amazing built up 5 speed car.


The flat surfaces have a patina but the rest of the paint is good (for 1975 paint) undercarriage is super clean, car still has the original weather proof coating from factory on the lower back quarter panel. No rust anywhere (except the slight surface patina in a few places)


We have a binder of work done going waaaay back. The speedo mileage stopped working last year, it shows 78K, the past work done receipts will show that this is not out of the realm. The AC is there but needs some work.


We have: rebuilt brakes, new rear shocks, rebuilt head was done by a mechanic who has been working on these things since 74. Sorry to go and on but we really like this little guy.



His name is Fritz, and 3 out of 4 of the past owners have been female and taken very, very good care of him.



Many images link:




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I'd say $5K-$8k if you find the right buyer. Looks clean.


Keep him!



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Looks like a keeper, but only if you have the garage space. You would have a hard time finding another in that condition in the future. I'd lean toward Ray's high side. 8k seems fair. Nice car!

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