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No christmas preps with framed door windows

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Well, my mom booked a christmas tree some days ago and asked me to pick it up. Of course I agreed. Since my truck is out of order at the time, I had to use the 02.


So I installed the roof rack with a bicycle carrier and planned to fix the (wrapped) tree on it with a few belts. An old blanket at first... No problem. Easy job. Quickly done.


I thought.


Arriving at the dealer's shop, they told me that it was not possible to wrap the tree because it is way too big in diameter- about 100 inches. Their wrapping machine is too small. Aha. Hmhm.


Ok, there was no other way to transport the tree than with the car. The two shop guys and I grabbed it somehow and swinged it onto the 02's roof rack. Two belts to the rack- should be enough.


Here's how I arrived at mom's house:




Note: I wouldn't have had any chance to enter the car if it had frames for the door windows. Car well chosen.


Happy weekend,




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Hi Henning,


really nice to see a current photo of your blue Frenchman. I´ll never forget the f... stupid Opel driver on motorway A5 near Heidelberg that suddenly poked out the back of his car into your driving lane when we were taking the car to your then-time home in Frankfurt. Hopefully the monstrous christmas tree didn´t cause any bigger scratches in the roof´s paint.


Frohe Feiertage für dich und deine Mama in BS. (english: Happy X-mas days for you and your mum in Braunschweig.)


Best regards, Lars.

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Thank you, Lars,


ou yess- that was much more dangerous than to lose the tree. Because of your remark I've had a closer look to the roof's 2-year-old paint: no scratches, thanks to the blanket that can't be seen in the pic. Unfortunately dozens of needles in front of the trunk lid.


Merry christmas for you and your parents, too and a swinged switch into the new year! Und beste Empfehlung an Frau Gemahlin!



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Happy Holidays Fanaqers,

The family made it a day of cutting down the tree and picnicking at the tree farm this year. The new 2002garagewerks rack made life real easy. Todd


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