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2002 turbo Nose NOS

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The nose has a multitude of differences. The cutout at the bottom is made to provide clearance for a hose running from the large hole in the airdam to a curved pipe mounted to the subframe. This brings in air to cool the turbocharger. The holes outboard on the lower valence are for sheet metal brackets which support the outer ends of the airdam. All of the holes are present above bumper bracket cutouts to secure upper portion of airdam. Left bumper bracket cutout has an extra cutout portion which provides clearance for a u shaped bracket which bolts to the frame rail and extends out to the small hole in the left side of the airdam. The end of the bracket is threaded to accept a screw in towing eye. Holes in center of lower valence are for another bracket which supports center of airdam and is set up to provide a cradle for the oil cooler. There are other holes not visible in photos for other attachments.

On the back side to the right of where the snorkel would/would not normally be is a large hole to feed cool air to the air filter box. Also radiator opening is larger to accommodate wider radiator. I think that's about it! Hahaha!

The turbo taillight panel is different as well.

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So I woke to a bunch of personal emails all asking the same question.  I will answer them publicly as well.  The gentleman who owns these 2002 parts is in no hurry to sell them, but at the same time I would rather have cash than metal on my shelves.  I will entertain everyones best offer for a while and the highest one can have the nose.



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