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What are your 2002 plans for 2016???

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The year is coming to an end and it is time to see what everyone has planned for next year!!!  From events you want to do, to full restorations you want to do, or just minor things you want to address, all are welcome!!


I plan on hitting up Sonoma and Laguna Seca Raceways several times this year like normal.  Most likely will be attending the Brisbane Swap N Show and of course the historics at Laguna since I didn't have a chance to go last year.

For things I want to do I would like to eventually install a smaller diameter crank pulley I got from IE a while back, but I want to transfer the marks from a stock pulley over, just in case.


What about you guys???

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Hopefully, by the time winter ends, my 02 should be back in commission after about a year down, with an m42 and a new suspension. I will then get my e21 recaros reupholstered and maybe get an Esty carpet kit and some eurotrash kick panels and get the interior into shape. By the time next winter hits I will turn my attention to upgrading brakes and wheels. 

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Complete the suspension rebuild (I have all of the parts, just need to put her up the rack and do it)!


Have BBS rims straightened and tuned up


New Tires based upon new ride height. I would love to get a little taller tire and maybe even wider than the 195 / 50 / 15.


Do I upgrade the IE VW MKI / MKII disk brake conversion???


Install electronic boost controller


DYNO test





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I finally got my hands on a set of e30 basketweaves for the 1600. Now I have to decide if I really want to use them or find a set of steelies from an e30. I really would like a set of alpina/campangnolo/borrani but know they are pretty much out of my range. A new clutch may be in the future as well.

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The new motor project should complete about mid year. Just enough:

9.5 to 1

40 DCOEs

Schrick 292

Stahl Header





It's in pieces at the machine shop now.


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Plan to attend as many shows as possible, as I did in 2015.

Mid America '02 Fest, Brisbane (flying this time), The Vintage in Asheville NC, Vintage at Saratoga, Legends of the Autobahn with Athena, Lime Rock Historic Festival, Bavarian Autosport Show n Shine and Caffeine and Carburetors events in New Canaan CT. Plus other shows locally.


To do list, have seat belts restored by Bluedevils, send speedo to No Hollywood Speedo for repair and calibration.


Winter 2016-2017 send Vern to VSR for a sympathetic restoration.

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I plan to drive it a lot. Some track time (first driving school in the 02 on December 19) and plenty of street time.

After 1-1/2 years of fixing and upgrading, there's nothing mechanically that needs to be done.

Winter 2016/2017 will hopefully be spent getting more power out of the (currently stock) M10, but it's running just fine now.

Suspension and brakes are fresh and ready for the track, 5 speed is ready for the highway.

Oh, I have an appointment for EFI conversion sometime next year, but I'm not sure when that'll happen. Patiently awaiting my turn.

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Currently on the schedule: Parts lined up-will happen this January. 

1. Getrag 245.

2. 3.9 differential

3. 80 amp Alternator

4. IE aluminum radiator, hoses, clamps.

5. New water pump

6. New clutch and throwout bearing

7. Tie rod replacement

8. New guibo

9. New urethane steering coupler. (VW..Cheap!) 


Immediate future: late 2016

1. Recover Recaros,(Aardvarc)  sell the VW power bases, purchase bracket and install. 

2. Rust removal, new driver side floor pan. POR 15 (maybe mastercoat?) where it is needed. 

3. Rich mechanic. Hope he names one of his grand kids after me. 

4. New wheels(Drag 37 maybe) and tires. 



1. Esty

2. Door cards

3. Paint. (Fender roll?) 

4. IE stage 1 suspension.

5.  Finally feel worthy enough to attend a BMW event. 


Happy Holidays and Cheers to all! 

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In 2015 I bought my first project car, a rusty '76 with a seized motor.

Seized motor is almost out of the car, a motor with compression that I bought from classifieds on here is waiting to go in.

No "restoration" plans, but man would I love to hear this thing run in 2016.

Then, it would be on to the rest in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 [emoji23]

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1. Installing a 123 tune distributor


2. Tucking the bench bumpers.  Having seen one in person, it's is such a good look


3.Connecting new 134r air conditioning system


4. Maybe go back to a 3 core radiator with fan and shroud.  Long lights and stop and go traffic is a killer in the summer


5. Keep driving and tweaking things to make the car better 


6. Keep saying thank you for the complements

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1. Paint and bodywork.

2. Engine tuning(123 Tune Bluetooth)

3. 5 speedinstall

4. LSD Install

5. Bottom end bore and rebuild

6. DRIVE!!!!

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My '02s are in pretty good shape--just some minor projects like finally mounting a right side early mirror on my '69 and fixing a split in the driver's seat upholstery on the '73.   And maybe I'll get around to installing the 3.64 LSD that's been languishing in my garage since 2012.  But if I do that, I might as well replace all the rear suspension bushings...uh, oh...mission creep!  


However, I have lotsa projects for my 318is over the winter to keep me busy (hoping for a mild winter). 


Planning to attend Mid America and Vintage at its new location ()--anyone for a caravan from Dayton for either event?  We'll have a new route to Vintage as it's moved to Asheville vs Winston Salem.  Also looking at the CCA Oktoberfest but not sure what I'll drive--if it's the '02 I'll be alone--wife won't cross country in one any more!


Looking forward to my 47th year driving 2002s!



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Atleast before Brisbane 2016 I would like to have done:


1) the small alpina flares fitted

2) new wheels are ordered, should be made and in the states by early March

3)body work done including the paint prep


5)fit the better dash

6)E21 rear drums on

7)some other messed up pieces of the car getting attention

8)figure out if I need a new damn Kfish


please 2016 be good to me

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