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What are your 2002 plans for 2016???

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Webber 38 install

Tuck the bumpers a la CATuned

If I have time before driving season gets here, I'll install a new carpet set.

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THE Goal: Laguna Seca in August


To do that I must:


Complete wet sanding and buffing of new paint.

Install hood, trunk, front fenders, re-install doors, window regulators and mechanisms

Restore beltline trim and install all trim

Convert to H4 headlights (have parts)

Source and install CHMSL

Clean up orig. headliner and install windows

Install Esty carpet kit

new rear seat upholstery

Repair vinyl on driver seat

install exhaust, bumpers and rear subframe bushings

if there's time:

Dings and rash repaired on wheels-repaint spokes Nogaro silver and source new center caps


I have a dry-erase calendar up with tasks and dates. My wife is the PM on this so dang it- I feel good about getting it done.

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To get parts swapped on, tuned up and screaming through canyons!

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Get Waldo Painted just in time for The Vintage!!!!

Super excited for this year coming for the third time and ill be joined by my father with a 240k E28 M5???? Talk about daily drivers.





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1. Actually driving it up to Bear Mountain and Harriman State Park in upstate NY

2. Driving it to the Vintage

3. Driving it.

4. Driving it a bit more.

5. Maybe splurging and getting the Tii alloys refinished

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I have been playing the staring game with a nice set of uncut door panels + Aardvark door kit sitting in my garage for 6 years now.  I wonder if I keep on staring hard enough this year, would it get up and attach itself?  

I will revisit with results on Dec 31st 2016.


I also have a super clean spare wheel well that I haven't been staring at.  I need to find a good body shop to swap them for me. Hopefully they do it so I can have time to stare more at the door panels.



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Finish the restoration and driving the living crap out of it. Probably kill a clutch and ruin some new tires in the process l. ;)



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hopefully I get it back on the road shortly.


A heater fan repair has snowballed.

  • New working heater fan sourced
  • The heater  box has been removed & rebuilt, waiting to go back in the car.
  • I have repaired the slght rust on the chassis around the heater box
  • The head was removed, port matched to the intake, and the top of the port opened up significantly
  • Head has been treated to dual valve springs and 4mm taken off the head so I will have nearly 11:1 which will work with my 300deg cam
  • New DCOE45 carbs sourced (replacing the emmissions type DCOE40 with 32mm chokes), manifold port matched, currently running 36mm chokes, with 38mm ones on stand by
  • Distributer fully rebuilt and regraphed
  • New rockers and new valve springs.

I have all the bits just waiting in the mechanics queue to put it all back.


Looking into the crystal ball, im probably going to need some headers and a LSD diff, then upgrade the suspension (prob 2017 for suspension most likely).  Hopefully I have it back on the road in a month or so.  Fingers crossed. Since owning it in March 2015, Ive driven it probably about 3x which sucks.

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