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1973 BMW 2002 - Good Driving Project

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Hey guys, 


I purchased this Verona / Black in Denver back in 2007; used it as a weekly driver for 5 of those years. It has treated me really well, and is running fine, but needs some love. I'm asking 4k OBO. 


Lots of pictures here : www.are.na/share/AtgNIHu


This is a quick description, but I'm glad to answer any questions.  


4 spd. 4th owner. Odo is shot, so mileage unknown, but I’ve probably only put 25k miles on it. Scanned records going back 20 years. This car has been a real workhorse. New distributor cap, real brake cylinder, alternator bushings, carb air filter assembly. Nardi wheel, weber carb, 90% tires. 


Troubles — Brakes are a little sticky, clutch pushes down to/near the floor, but works with double clutching just fine. Recently, new whirring sound coming from gearbox/drive shaft when it runs cold. AC not functioning. Interior details are aging —headliner cracking small holes, carpet messy, some moldings and seals need renewal. Windshield wash fluid motor not working. Shocks need renewal soon. Parking break needs new cable (I have one). 


Electrical gremlins — Speedo, odo, brake fluid and fuel gages not working. Other instruments are OK. Radio cuts on/off due to loose wiring in front doors. Horn button is installed but not hooked up, issues with shorting fuse on emergency flashers, inconsistent left headlight functionality (brights work fine). 


Exterior: Paint is thinning. Some rust in the usual spots: front fenders (in front of doors), front air spoiler, heaviest in the spare tire well, starting on left rear shock towers. Small exterior cracks, dings and rust pocks all around. 


It's not trouble-free, but it is very strong driving project!










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