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Willing to trade all my nice 02 stuff for computer/audio/gui

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I've noticed alot of you on the board are IT's or into

computers, as I've been around since about 2000. I will ship

first if you don't trust me. I know how it is, sending $150 to

some town outside St. Paul, MN for a Paiste Signature (top-

of-the-line drumset cymbal) and never receiving a thing. I'm

looking for some PC parts to build a system for a digital audio

workstation, and I'll trade for my performance, or really nice

stock you have to work with. I also have stock parts that have

been restored, bought new and never used, or just those little

pieces that you're trying to find. I don't have any of these parts

here, so I'm going by memory, and this list is not all inclusive.

Performance/Usefull Stock parts:


expensive model, Allows you to adjust timing advance

starting point, rate, and final advance infinitly, plus more.

-Brand new PERTRONIX IGNITOR. points replacement

model number 1847V,

-FLAMETHROWER COIL. Used for a few months, but no


-BIG BRAKE PARTS. complete 320i rear brakes, 528 master

cylinder (the correct one to use for this conversion), ATE

vented calipers from Volvo,

-Complete 318i fuel injection system pulled off a working car

by 2002Restorations in Oregon (I cleaned it all up, but have

not used it),

-Complete '87 Volvo/Bosch LH 2.4-Jet fuel injection system

with new wiring harness (the problem on the orig. volvo part

was disintigraded wire insulation) I will part these systems

out possibly.

-PERFECT COPPER 320i RADIATOR, no bent fins, and no

clogs. Was re-cored, so it's newer than the car I pulled it out

of. Has temp. sensor,

-MM Ultimate 4-spd with less than 40k (actually 33k

according to 02 head I bought it from; I haven't installed it.) w/

Ireland Heavy Duty mount, new rear seal installed and will

include loose shifter and front seals,

-Brand new CONTROL ARMS, Mobile Tradition OEM quality

-Brand new BALL-JOINTS with stainless hardware, TRW OE


-Brand new 215/45R13 Sumitomo HTR 200+ TIRE, never

installed, you need flares and at least 6" wide wheels for


Better ratings than alot of the high dollar tires at TireRack.

-4 13x6 BBS basketweaves with BBS center caps. I think they

have an offset of 25, perfect for an 02 with wide tires.

-CUT ST SPRINGS, 1 coil off rears, 1.5 coil off fronts. I made

very clean, straight cuts with my brand new dremel reinforced

cutting wheels.

-ST 19mm REAR ADJUSTABLE BAR, the old, (I think hard to

find) one. They are better than the newer designs because

the stiffness is infinitly adjustable as opposed to having just

three positions.

-ST 22mm FRONT BAR. All the ST stuff is vintage (I have

receipts and brochure from ST down in SoCal, but I think it

was late '70s)


installed. Some unusual things include 1 pair of rear spring

pads, and solid polyurethane rear-subframe mount inserts.


in Germany. I removed ALL the beginning rust monsters at

the welds, and painted it 1500* (degree) chrome.

-2 EXHAUST DOWNPIPES. Brand new ANSA still have

stickers, never installed.

-FACTORY BUILT BMW m10(e12 head) ENGINE. First round

(about 37k miles on ALL parts. Always very well maintained,

new water pump, oil pan seal. Has 165 psi comp. on all

cylinders. Sounds too good to be true, but Rick Haner tested

it, as well as Bavarian Motor Sport, both the best shops I've

heard of around here. I have papers from the test. Perfect

compression for a light turbo setup, or just a stock power

plant that will run forever. I prefer someone who can pick it up

in Northern California, but if able I will ship.

-BLUE FLO-FITS. adjustable knee bolsters. Passenger side

is still almost as stiff as new, drivers side has some

depression in the foam, neither have any tears or large

stains. These are more comfortable than the e21 Recaros

I've sat in, and they come with 02 rails. I am something like

5'10" and they put me at much safer height than the e21

Recaros. The height is actually adjustable...


can imagine. '74-'76 faceplates, which are beautiful, Most

people who have these are not stupid enough to sell them,

because you can't buy them new, and you can't restore them.

(I have SOME pics, and I can take some more if you're not in

a hurry)

I'm looking for:

-2x10 speaker cabinet for ~15 watt Fender Vibro Champ, and

Ampeg Mercury.

-Any number of 12" speaker (preferably a 2x12, or 4x12)

guitar cabinet suitable for more than 4 ohms @100 watt or


-some kind of Tyan Dual Athlon MP motherboard, or maybe a

new version MSI K7D with AMD 760MP chipset,

-2 Athlon XP 1600+ thruough 1800+'s (or maybe higher that I

can mod to make MP 2400+'s),

-a really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really quiet

high quality case (I'm thinking Antec SX800II, or that Antec

AMG one... (Whatever the one is that Thermaltake uses to

make their cases), or a Thermaltake case.

-some kind of really, really, really, really, really, really, quiet

and expensive power supply to go with the case. Probably

should be a 500 watt for what I'm doing, keep in mind the

Dual MP requirement.

-(depending on the motherboard I use) non-ECC or ECC


DDR 2100 or higher. Mushkin, dual bank Black memory. If

someone can hook me up with a Dual MP board, which

requires ECC memory, then Crucial, Mushkin, (not Value-

RAM) Kingston, Samsung, Infineon, Mitsubishi, or (not value-

select) Corsair memory in 512MB or 1GB sticks with ECC will

be perfect.

-19" or bigger VGA monitor (preferably a Flat Screen with

less than .28 dot pitch, and capable of high refresh rates)

-Microphones. Especially a pair of large diaphragm

condensor mics or AKG D 112 or Shure Beta 52, but

anything goes.

-Tube or high end preamps with any kind of additional on-

board frills.


-Headphone amps

-Studio headphones

-Minidisc recorder (portable) with lots of controls and a stereo

mike to go

with it (for bootlegging concerts)

-750MB Zip drive USB, let's see what else can I think of?

-I'll consider anything else that I can use for a digital audio

workstation- fast hard drives, additional pro-audio sound


TC Electronics cards, etc.

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