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FOUND Piston rings 89.97mm bore

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Looking for a set of new piston rings (stock chrome style) for my new Mahle 89.97mm pistons in the 69.  I accidently chipped two of the rings and I'm having trouble sourcing new rings with that size.  I've come close but the thickness of each ring is different based on the application.


1.75mm Top

2mm middle

4mm bottom


From the Mahle aftermarket website:

Mahle ring set # 081 93 N0

Perfect Circle # 47 90011 0


I ordered a set of 89.47mm rings (2nd oversize)  from BLUNT but the ring gap is too large when I test fit the (3) individual rings in the bore.


Any help greatly appreciated since I cannot go any further with my engine build.

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Curious what rings others have used or recommended. I've used Deves rings (cast iron?) with decent results as well as the OE chrome ones in the past. I've heard that the OE chrome ones are tough, but take a longer time to break in.


Total Seal? 


Other manufacturers? Good / Bad / Ugly stories?


I'll be going down this road myself, soon (with 10:1 89.97mm Mahles) so I'm curious to see what folks recommend. 

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I landed a set of those same pistons, last year. 121 (ti) head, bathtub, etc...


In a pinch, you could assemble the motor with alternate rings...but I understand your desire to keep it as "correct" as possible. I've been told the Deves rings are very forgiving, when used with blocks that have simply been honed... but with your build... perhaps a call to Total Seal or another manufacturer might be worth a shot. I have no experience with Total Seal products... but I've seen the name enough times...surely there are others out there!


Keep me posted on your discoveries, please!

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The ring pack BLUNT/BMW sent you aren't the right size? How can this be?Maybe you ought to send 'em back and let BMW have another try.mac.

I bought the 89.47mm rings thinking I could use them (in my 89.97 bores). Poor choice by me. Now I have a spare set for...

BMW only lists the 89.47 as 2nd oversize with nothing larger.

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Total seal made those a few... erm... ok, 15 years ago, so you might try contacting them directly.

They give very impressive leakdown numbers.


Deves also made those 8 years ago.  Bavauto had a hookup with them, and offered sizes

and applications that didn't appear even then in the Deves literature.


I live in fear of snapping rings, as a legacy of a go-kart rebuild gone wrong when I was a kid.



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Called Deves just now (they are in Nevada).  Explained the engine type, bore size and ring thicknesses. They will make me a custom set of 90mm rings (all 4 cylinders) for $ 119.00.  Will take a few days - then ship via USPS Priority mail.  I'll have to file them to fit but at least someone can make custom rings.


Thanks also to Mike Pugh for the recommendation.



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