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1973 BMW 2002 TII on ebay - $5900 Buy it Now - East Coast Rust

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Nice looking from 20 feet running, driving 1973 TII with east coast rust issues. 


Not mine just passing along; have to admit I struggled with making an offer....






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That was why I was struggling with buying it. It is going to cost $1500 to transport and I just don't know if I want to take all the time needed. Part of me was thinking to just dip in POR15 and drive it. Have a TII for $7000. Of course I already have a 73 TII...


Sounds like a fun project.  After you swap the parts to your Fjord shell, you could probably sell the remaining pieces to cover your transportation costs... Almost a no-brainer!



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My two cents?

Have you seen what many "restorable" Porsche 956s, or early 911s, or Alfa Giuliettas or Giulias look like lately? Some rusty metal with a VIN plate. That's it! And yes, I understand that all of these, restored, have values beginning at double or triple the value of an equivalently-restored '02. But my point is simply that five years from now, you -- that's right, YOU -- will be happily buying a rusty tii, such as this -- and probably far rustier than this -- for $10K or more. The premium associated with a matching-numbers engine will have risen considerably. And the premium associated with round taillight tii's will have risen considerably. But, of course, you will also feel more...."pressure" to return this car, for example, to its original color, and to find a saddle interior similar to its original interior (assuming it was a factory Sahara car).

I'm not really predicting the future here, all I'm doing is looking to cars that are bit older and a bit rarer than an '02 is today. There is a natural trajectory and the '02 is on that trajectory.

You can still find an '02, including a tii, in your choice of exterior color (by which I mean factory color), and with or without sunroof, whichever you prefer. But your choices will be narrower five years out!




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