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Gas? hmmm. nothing in the fuel filter....

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

So, last night, I was cleaning out my car and had it running. I was at normal idel and it died. I didn't think much of it, but when I tried to restart it, I realized I was probably out of gas. So I went to the station and got 2 gallons and put it in. This morning, I could not get the car running. After a few minutes of trying, I looked under the hood and there is no gas in the fuel filter. I primed the carb with some gas and it started up, but died quickly. I checked the fuel filter again and it still has not fuel. Any ideas?

1) Fuel filter is between the fuel pump and carb.

2) Carb is Weber 32/36 w/ elect. choke.

3) Fuel pump is stock as is most other items on car.

4) I made some chocolage chip cookies last night. They were yummy.


'71 2002

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Guest Anonymous

Pull the fuel line off that goes to the filter and stick it in a jar/container, then crank the engine over and see if the fuel pump is working. You might also take the fuel pickup out of the tank and look inside to see if there's any chocolate chip cookie dough in the tank.

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Guest Anonymous

had a similar problem after parking my car on an incline for a

month or so. Tried to start the car - the starter would turn but

the engine would not engage.

I did teh (carefully balanced) jar trick, and determined that it

wasn't t he fuel pump. I then suspected fuel line.

Rather than just jumping into it to replace all the line, I tried

starting fluid to get the engine cranking enough to pull the

fuel. (The fuel pump is remarkably simple, a little tiny

diaphram - it has to work wuite hard when lookingat an

empty line.)

I was able to get the fuel pump to pull enough fuel by using

some starting fluid - it took about three rounds to get the

engine cranking enough to pull the fuel up t he fuel line.

I then went back over all my fuel line and noticed that there

were numerous cracks on the plastic sleeve at the fuel

sender (on the tank). These were the source of a minor, but

irritating vacuum leak which I assume made the task of

starting a car with unprimed fuel lines even harder (and

caused that residual fuel smell in the trunk).

Good luck.

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Guest Anonymous

I would put that fuel filter befor the fuel pump. One

main reason is that the gastank has alot of crude

in it. You dont want that crap going threw the

diaphram of the fuel pump. Anoter good reason is,

if for some strange reason the filter breaks, it is

befor the pump, so fuel isnot sprayed all over the

hot motor.


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Guest Anonymous

upstream of the fuel pump...just make sure neither it nor the fuel line rests on the cylinder head or valve cover--that way you won't have to worry about vapor lock.


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