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door locks...THEY ARE ALIVE!! (kinda long)

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as it worked out, i ended up using a bit of everyones ideas.

i tried the taking out each screw and spraying PB blaster in there. and it worked out pretty well on the passenger door that was just a little bit sticky. the drivers side still wouldn't budge.

So then i took the plunge and took the whole lock mech. out of the door. it was SO gummed up w/old grease that actually turned into little balls that looked like b b's... so i unhooked the smaller tightly wound spring so that i could really get in there.

I sprayed it down REALLY good w/Grease Lightening and got the toothbrush in there pretty good and got it to move (which is really the miracle in this whole thing.) then i sprayed it down w/pb blaster. then hooked the spring back in.

when i put it back in the door it REALLY helped that i had my wife stand on the other side of the door and use the handle to slowly move the connection to the lock so i could hook it on the lock mech.

after spraying it down a bit more w/pb blaster i ended up w/a lock mech on both doors that now work pretty darn good (although when you can't move the lock in the first place, any movement is progress =)

while in there i saw reminants of the parts that curt mentioned so i'm going to call bimmer parts today and order them (thanks CURT!!) when i get the parts i'm going take 'em back out, soak them in mineral spirts over night, clean & lube it and throw it back in there.

as always you guys are the greatest!!

thanks again for all the help...


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