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Can anyone with a history here vouch for this seller?


We agreed on a price for an LSD, airdam, and euro turns (excellent price!!) but seller is asking for "friends and family" Paypal transfer. I normally send money this way for items ~$100, just to be a nice guy, but for this much money I'd rather pay the 3% myself for cheap insurance. Offered to do so, but seller replies with something about a new Paypal account and processing times, etc.


Name on seller's email account is Adam West (cool!) and he sent me links to photos on a Photobucket account under the name "Yohan Fernando (Wildbetta)"


Apologies to the seller if everything's legit, but does anyone know the guy, before I send my $$$?





Update: Sounds legit, see below...

Update 2: Nope!

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I have sent money for:

-E21 5-speed swap 
-BMW steering wheel (shown on image IMG_4610 and IMG_4611) 
-Alpina steering wheels (shown on images IMG_1436) 
 -Alpina steering wheels (shown on image IMG_4560) 
-Nardi steering wheel 
-E21 right turn signal 

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Update: seller agreed to payment for "goods and services" if I will wait until the $ posts to his bank. A bit unorthodox, but I'm not in a hurry and I should still have buyer protection from Paypal. And Adam's prices are so good I hate to pass up a bargain, LOL.


Will update again when I get the parts.



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