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Schrick Camshaft ID Help

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In the process of pulling apart the head and block to have them re-decked, I pulled the Schrick camshaft out but cannot identify which cam it is.  The numbers on the end are hand engraved 02922.  I know 920 means a 292, but i'm not sure what to make of the 922 here.


the base measurement is 26.7, the top of the lobe is 34.0/34.1 (my tool is being finicky).


Anyone have any ideas?


Thanks in advance.

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(my tool is being finicky).

Don't admit that on R3v...


I'd guess it's a 292- sure it's a Schrick?  (as in, is Schrick cast into the blank?)


The basic google search for schrick camshaft specifications pulled the current PDF of what Schrick is offering: I can't get it to hotlink, tho.

it says the 292 has a 7.6mm valve lift, so there you go.

The final 2 in the part number seems to indicate counterclockwise distributor, so take a look at what yours does...




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Yes, it's definitely a Schrick, with "Dr. Schrick" and "SB4" in the blank.  For whatever reason, the only PDF I found with specs was all in German, so thanks very much for the info!  I'll make sure to check my distributor, since this engine was not originally in the car I'm restoring.


I'm not sure if it makes any difference at all, but it appears there is also a "P" hand engraved under the "02922" on the end of the cam.


Thanks for your help!

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