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steve k.

1970 BMW 2002. Fully built SCCA FSP #26. KGB Racing machine

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Year:: 1970

Make:: BMW

Model:: 2002

Price:: 15000

Location: : Redwood City, CA



Please see all photos at 



I think it is now time for me to part with my race car. We had a long road together, but I feel that she has been neglected and will do better in a new home.


I acquired the car in 2001 when i discovered that i wanted a dedicated Autocross car. For the first few years the car was street driven, but once you get very serious, you have to start trailering it.


This is a highly competitive SCCA Solo FSP car. It has been specifically built for Autocrossing.

  • Many first places at San Francisco Region Championships.
  • Many First place finishes at National tours.
  • Two SCCA National Championship Trophies 
  • A couple unfortunate events (blown transmission, lack of sleep, a hit cone and a little oversteer on the last turn) kept me out of Second Place at the last Nationals.
  • In capable hands the car can easily take first.





So, here is the current set of modifications on the car.




  • Tii Engine built by Stu Krum of Schatz & Krum in Sacramento
    • Factory spec
    • Has 4 events since the rebuild
  • Head port matched to intake and exhaust
  • Extrudabody individual throttle bodies and linkage.
  • Canon Manifolds matched to head and ITBs
  • TEC GT ECU for the EFI. Controls Both Spark and Fuel. Tuned by Vic Sias of Sis Tuning.
  • All EFI needed bit built by Tom Raffalski
  • Cold Air intake to draw the air from behind the grill
  • Ireland Engineering Ceramic Coated Step Header
  • 2.5" lightweight stainless pipe.
  • Burns Stainless Steel lightweight muffler. 3.5lb 
  • Last time we were on the dyno, the car pulled 139hp to the ground. (Sorry, do not have the graph)
  • 5.5" JB Racing race clutch with only 4 events on new plates
  • 4 speed standard 2002 transmission
  • 3.64 Limited Slip Differential
  • New stub axles with only one event on them.
  • 15x10 Custom CCW wheels with 275/35R15 Hoosier A6 tires (Tires are old)











  • Distributor removed
  • Trigger wheel installed
  • Electromotive Coils
  • Magnacore wires
  • Lightweight Alternator mounted low
  • 11.5 lb Batter mounted in the trunk
  • Electric Fan




  • Removed booster
  • Brake Balance Adjuster
  • Front - lightest possible set up for Tii Struts:
    • Wilwood Calipers - single line
    • Vented and cross-drilled rotors
    • Aluminum Hats
  • Rear - best disk with functional parking brake
    • Custom Steel mounting bracket
    • VW Golf MKII Rear Caliper carier
    • VW Golf MKII Rear Caliper
      • I used aluminum caliper from MKIV VW Golf. Pros: aluminum, lighter weight, less corrosion, better reliability. Cons: Bleeding can only be done with caliper not mounted to the bracket since the bleeder is at the bottom after the installation.
    • VW Golf MKI cross-drilled Front Rotor





  • Front:
    • Moton Shocks absorbers from e46 M3 mated to Tii spindle
      • Single adjustable
      • Need external reservoir to become dual adjustable (port is already on the shock)
      • Sway bar connector welded to the strut
    • 2.25" springs (large selection available)
    • Hight adjustable
    • Shorter then anything else available for 2002.  Allows very low ride without bottoming out the shock or the spring
    • Ground Control Camber plates
    • Custom NASCAR style sway bar
      • Splined ends for custom arms
      • Hollow bar
      • Adjustable with holes on the arms
      • Adjustable by replacing the actual tube
    • All urethane bushings
  • Rear
    • PRO Shocks
      • Single Adjustable
      • Hight and strength matched to the springs
      • Has the threading to be turned into coil-overs
    • 2.25" springs (large selection available) (length is the same as fronts)
    • Modified spring location points to fit the spring
    • A tether installation would be recommended (have not installed it yet)







  • Removable Momo Steering Wheel
  • Additional Gauges
  • Shift light with tach
  • Corbeau Seats
  • Willans Harnes
  • Harness bar with Camera mount
  • Recaro Passenger seat





  • Group 2 Flares to fit 15x10 wheels
  • Custom Front Air Dam and Splitter
    • Removable for Clearance
  • Rear Turbo Style Spoiler

I am sure there are many more things that i no longer remember, but feel free to ask.


The car is currently registered as Non Operational with the DMV.  It is not really street drivable the way it is. It is way too low for the street. It will not clear many drive ways. The clutch is a race clutch. Does not like gentle modulation. 


I am asking $15,000. This does not really cover all the parts in it, but it never does.


If you are looking for a very competitive FSP car that is fully capable of winning the National Championship or if you just want a really nicely set up car to play with, this is the one for you.


Feel free to ask more questions. If you need a photo of something specific, please let me know.


Please see more photos at



If you are looking for a nice enclosed trailer to go with the car, please let me know


Thanks for looking,

Steve K.


P.S. Some photos from SpeedHunters



Either PM me through the site or email [email protected]


24447668191_59f8550e3d_b.jpg20160121_180356_HDR by steve, on Flickr


24234580860_7951d8c7ed_b.jpg20160121_181322 by steve, on Flickr















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oh no!  you getting out of racing or doing something else?



I will be getting out of racing for the near future. We might still do a Lemons car with a few people, but at the moment I do not have time to keep my own.



SOT- can you provide details of the alternator setup?



This is the alternator that i use




IMG 2451


It is mounted to a smaller Tii mount at the bottom of the engine block





steve k.

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