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New Carpet-Associated Issues/Questions

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After owning a 1973 2002 as a daily driver for 34 years, I gave it to a kid who appreciates it like I cannot describe.  Good move, long story.  Been sadly without a 2002 for the last 10 years, but always lusting for an Inka 2002tii.  Found a 1974 tii 2 months ago.  One owner for 41 years.  A very nice car, not even dash cracks.  Only $6,000.  Superb car.  Performs beautifully.  Already have Euro bumpers to attach.  See photos, one of which is the christening with Belgian beer.  Anyway, the reason for the post is the following:  During preparation of the interior for an Esty Carpet Kit (Thanks, Esty) install, several questions/issues manifested themselves.  I present four of them to you and I seek your sage advice and wise counsel on same.


1.  "Nails":  Oddly enough, I found two rather stout and very firmly attached "nails" protruding about 1" (a) out of the top of the trans tunnel in front of the gear shift lever [see photo] and ( B) out of the floorboard at the junction of the firewall, transtunnel, and pass floor (one on tip of trans tunnel is visible in interior photo).  What could these "nails" or extremely stiff wires and what are there purpose?  NOTE:  I removed the A/C components that were in the interior.


2.  Heater Box:  Any thing I should I do to the heater box while the interior is gutted?  Overhaul it?


3.  Vapor Lines?:  I found two lines (one plastic line; one rubber line clamped to a plastic line) under the carpet and running up thru the firewall (see pass floor in interior photo).  Are these vapor lines?  Going where?  To and from the engine?


5.  Other:  Any other interior items or issues I should be addressing while the interior is gutted and prior to installing carpet?


I was never very partial to squaretails until I found this one.  CSN advice is well-taken:   "Love the one you're with."


Thank you for being such fountains of knowledge.



Cincinnati, Ohio





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Mmmmm Belgian beer.

Congratulations, that looks like a very nice car.


The 'nails' were used to hold the fiberboard/foam sound dampener pieces in place.

There's a saddle shaped piece over the tunnel and a piece fit to the firewall on each side.

The nails were rusty on my car, so I cut them off, when painting the floors and welded tabs on in their place.

This photo shows the tabs holding the pieces against the firewall.


This is a good time to assess the condition of the pedal box.  Mine was hammered, so I put a rebuild kit in it.  


The 'nubs' on the floor which act as a hinge for the accelerator pedal can be a problem.  Mine went away with that part of the floor when it rusted out.  There is an article about replacing the 'evil nubs' with a hinge.  Now would be a good time for that, if needed.


The plastic lines are fuel lines.  The small one is a vent line and the larger is the fuel supply line.  The rubber portion is 'an add on'.  It originally had the translucent plastic line running the whole length of the cab.  It is special plastic, which seals itself in the event of a fire.  Now would be a good time to install a fresh one of those, as they are still available and not too expensive.


I have yet to refresh my heater box, but it needs it.  There is an article on that process as well.



Now is the time to add sound dampening, such as Dynamat.  You do not need to do the whole floor pan, but adding some to the floor panels will suppress vibrations.






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Nice Inka tii! The two interior lines are different than the carbureted 2002 (sorry Tom). The opaque one is the fuel return from the back of the KF pump to the gas tank. The other one is the vent line that connects the air cleaner to the expansion tank in the trunk (then on to the filler neck). The tii uses the hard line under the car as the supply to the KF pump.

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Thank you so very much, Tom and Jim.  Excellent comments and suggestions.  Will do.


1.  Nails:  Makes sense.  Will eliminate them.  I was going to toss the large cardboard saddle (nasty and gross).  Any reason to keep it?  A dumpster is calling…  My car is missing the flat cardboard pieces at the end of the foot well.  I now see their purpose: sound deadening (?) and flattening the curvy nature of the firewall.  Carpet should fit better with the flat cardboard pieces, no?  OK to proceed without them?  Do you know a source for these cardboard things?  My tabs are gone.

2.  Pedal:  Pedal box is bolted in and appears to be up-to-snuff.  Same for the pedal nubs.  Cleaned all.

3.  Fuel Line:  Already planned to replace.

4.  Heater Box:  Likely will bite the big one and do the inspection/overhaul thing.

5.  Sound:  Bought 4 rolls of Peel and Seal last month.


Add Info:  Before carpet install, I cut a window in the pass kick panel and repaired the ever-annoying Popping Door Brake Monster.  Simple but not easy.


Add question:  At this stage, how does one prepare for future drilling required to install a long center console.  I assume there will be some blind drilling or probing for holes through new carpet, no?




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Thanks for the correction Jim.  My experience is limited (to carbureted cars... one of them, actually).  


The cardboard pieces are added sound deadener.  I would personally keep the saddle piece, if it is intact.  Ugly will not matter under the carpet.  The carpet fits it nicely and anything that dampens sound is a plus IMO.


It does make sense to do the heater box now.  Some people claim it is a major PITA and others say it is fun.  I will try hard to agree with the second group, when I do mine.


I do not know of a source for the vertical 'cardboard' panels, but I feel the same about them as the saddle piece.  I would use them, if you can find them, but I am sure the carpet will fit fine without them... I am guessing it will, anyway.  The tabs were easy to add, if you need them.  I just drilled a hole in them and put a little spot weld there.


I so not know about drilling required for long console installation, but I did try early seats with my later long console and found that they were wider and hit the console.  Somebody else might have more information about this.  I am not sure about the difference between 74 and 76 seats.  The seats I tried were from a 72 Euro car.  I am back to enjoying my 76 seats, which sorely need new pads.


The fact that the pedal box and nubs are in good shape is a good sign.

Keep up the good work  :)

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Keeping the tunnel cover, mustering courage to do the heater box, and moving on to finish the door brake.  Thanks for the tips and conversation.



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On the heater box:


Assess how it is working now. Does air sneak out when the flaps are closed? Do the other switches operate properly? Is the fan strong or make other funky noises?

If anything isn't tip top, definitely do it now.

If everything seems great, I would still pull the box and check of rusting at the opening and address it then, then pop the box back in without opening it.

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