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Intake Manifold and Carb Issues

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Guest Anonymous

Hey guys I have been taking my 76 to a very experienced mechanic for several years for tune ups and such since work was keeping me so busy that I only had time to drive the car. I am running a 32/36 weber carb and it has always ran rich and the mileage sucked. I was too busy to take it some place else so I drove it and took it back when I had time. Now the guy tells me that the intake is porous and that somebody incorrectly jetted the carb to make it run correctly. In addition, it was pouring so much gas into the cylinders that my #2,3 cylinders are not pumping up to the 165 psi that I have in 1&4. Cylinders 2&3 pump up to 120 on 2 and 90 on 3 and getting to that pressure takes extended cranking. Has anyone heard of a porous intake manifold or is this guy high on the wacky stuff? I took the car to another mechanic and he told me he had never heard of a problem with the 2002 manifold being porous and this is was an excuse for screwing up the jetting. What do you guys think? What should I look for when I tear this motor down?

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