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1.) I tried to post JPG photos from flickr using the photo icon here and this site returned errors saying that I couldn't use this file type? Same thing occurred when trying to link the photos.


2.) Sometimes when I post images using the Attach files/browse files method, they get posted turned clockwise 45 degrees. Any ideas how to prevent this? It happened in this post , then again today when I posted in the BA02 Spotted Thread.









Strange...just posted a pic of golfie, and this time it worked normally!

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1. Please give me a few more details on the Flickr problem.


2. The problem with rotated photos is due to the way phone interpret photos. If you take a photo with your phone, it will know the orientation of the phone during the shot. So it will keep the photo oriented properly for you. But it does not actually modify the photo to keep the orientation proper.  So when you finally post it here, the photo will be posted in it's original orientation


steve k.

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