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Fun story, 2 years to get a reply, but did get one,

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Guest Anonymous

So when I first got the current car VIN 4224981, rummaged around the trunk and glove box and lo and behold the orginal owners manual was there (water damaged) with the orginal owners name and address. Later search around the internet and hey, guy is still listed at his address. Later I find an e-mail address for him and send an e-mail, blah blah blah, I now own your old car, can you tell me anything, do have the orginal invoice - that would be cool, etc.

No Reply,

So later (2001) I send a Xmas card with a photo of the now nicely restored car, hey never heard from ya, etc, etc,

No Reply, - so ok guy doesn't want to deal with psycho 02 owner,

then just yesterday I get an e-mail, wife of son who's father purchased it for him as a graduation present and says, hey been going through my husband's pile here, and recalls the card her father-in-law passed along. Yes he did own the car, sold it to a buddy after 125,000 in 1983, replaced the tranny at 60K, loved the car. So nice of her to respond, now I know some more about the car, and perhaps the buddy can fill in some more of the details, so John Barret are you out there? Worked at Tandem Computers in the 1980s. ?? Owned a Malaga 74 2002 ?

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