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solenoid success!! Works great

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Guest Anonymous

Took it out for it's first run. It was about forty degrees and cloudy.

At this point it's only one solenoid. Consequently, one temp

setting. However, the heat level happens to be right about where I

would have it under normal conditions. It blows warm-not hot.

Plenty to defrost a windshield or keep the compartment warm on

a cool/sorta cold day. Once I add the second solenoid it will have

twice the flow-plenty warm/hot for very cold days. However, I

don't drive it in the winter so I'm in no rush to add the second

solenoid. Parts list for single solenoid(I'll have a list for tandem

solenoids after I do it):

7876K14 Delrin direct acting solenoid from McMaster.

2-3/8ths npt to "1/2" copper tubing fittings.

pilot switch

16 gauge wire

fuse holder-3a fuse

Install: screw 3/8ths to "1/2" adapters into each end of solenoid-

firmly. remove old valve and replace with the new solenoid-same

size basically. To power it I attached a tandem spade terminal to a

switched ignition lead right on the ignition switch. I attached a

generic fuse holder with leads to that terminal on one end, and

the other end to a pilot switch. The pilot switch has three leads-

power/switched/ground. Attach a black wire to the silver tab on

the pilot switch. I grounded mine at the heater core mounting

studs-same as stock ground. Run a 16 ga. wire-any color but

black-from the switched terminal, through the firewall (use a

grommet), up into the area for the solenoid, and attach via a

crimped on terminal. Ground other terminal on solenoid. That's it.

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