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Okay, I will show my stupidity (lack of mechanical knowledge

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Guest Anonymous

Lately, I have had problems with my '76 non-tii engine. It fires up nicely and after the temp gauge gets around 3 o'clock position (10 minutes here in the frigid north), it will stall out. Starting it again is nearly impossible. This has happened on the road which can be frustrating. The car will be going into storage in a couple weeks so I do not want to spend a bunch of money on a tune-up, just to have it sit in storage for the winter. Since it starts fine and runs great until it's warmed I am thinking it's carb-related. It has a Weber 32/36 DGAV carb upgrade (common, I know) on it. I have sprayed carb cleaner in and around it and cleaned linkages with a toothbrush, but this has not helped. I think I will be taking it in to a shop soon. I just want to have some idea of what it could be before I go in. Also, I just want a quick fix to last me the one hour drive to get it to my parents barn for winter storage. I will deal with new plugs, points, rotor, condensor next spring.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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