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Guest Anonymous

missing at higher rpms

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Guest Anonymous

I just replaced my starter and had the velocity stacks of my 45's

off. While they were off I used some carb cleaner to clean the

outside and ran some through the carbs as well.

After I got everything back together the car misses at above 3500

rpm. It idles fine and revs great, but during prolonged higher

rpms it misses.

I checked to make sure all plugs were firing and not fouled, I

sprayed some more carb cleaner to make sure nothing got

gummed up the first time. I also checked to make sure that the

distributer was tight and I feel pretty sure it didn't get accidentally

moved while I was messing with stuff. The brake booster vacuum

hose is on and in good shape.

Is there anything else i should check out before I take it in to the

shop (cringe).



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Guest Anonymous


I'd pull the carb, take it apart a little at a time and clean it well.

how is it "missing"? is it popping, or just stuttering like no fire etc?

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