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BBS RS047 Rebuild and install


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Well, I've been looking to rebuild a set of RS's for about a year now and finally a little more than a month ago a stumbled across a set on craigslist...IN TOWN. I thought it was too good to be true but sure enough, they were legit. Went through the full disassembly, mirror polish, powdercoat and reassembly and I think that they turned out like jewelry. I've heard before that RS001 (ET25) were the ideal offset but these were RS047 (15x7, 4x100, ET38). I had a set of replica RS's (terrible looking) to hold me over until I found these and they were ET35 and fit pretty good with small spacers. Anyways, here are a couple pics of the build. Got tires mounted to them last night and everything fit PERFECT. Probably drank 3 brews just staring at them in the garage after I got everything mounted up last night. Probably one of the most rewarding builds I've done in a while. I'll have some more pics of the mounted this weekend. 










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Looks great. I actually just started rebuilding a set of 15X8.5 et10 Epsilon Mesh wheels (going on a pig cheek car.) I tried sanding down one of the faces and gave up. :wacko:  I'll just have a pro blast and powder coat them. The barrels I can definitely do myself.


Im still undecided wether to go with gold or silver. Love the gold on your wheels, but unsure which direction to go with mine.

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I made a cleaning tool for the EXIMs.  Cut strips of cotton, wadded together and twisted in the end of a folded piece of metal coat hanger.  Poke it into each hole around the wheel.  Still takes some time but really gets into the corners. 


If you want a better description, please post.  I'll draw a diagram or take some pictures of twisting coat hangers and cloth. :)

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