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I GOT Ripped Off by Mike Honari in Las Vegas!!

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Does anyone know Mohammad Honari aka Mike Honari in Las Vegas? Allegedly an expert in building custom 2002's. He sells on Ebay. I purchased a custom 2002 that he was building from the ground up. I wired him 4700 dollars and he recently asked for the 2nd payment. Chase would not allow the 2nd wire to go through. He was informed and I have not heard from him again. He stole 4700 and is a part of this community. Please help, I am besides myself. 

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i'm still amazed that anyone would send that much money to someone they never met face to face....sometimes it's just too easy for the scammers to make a good living


if you bought it through ebay, did you file a claim...or didn't you buy thru ebay...?


i seldom say this but where it involves that much money...you're the cause of everything that happens to you...be careful what you cause

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I think I met this guy at a Euro Sunday gathering in Las Vegas a couple years ago.  He had a really nice black 2002 on display and we talked for quite a while.  He comes across as a very nice guy, I would've never guessed that he was a problem.  Maybe it started out good and then got too far under...

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There's a special place in Hell for these scummy bastards.


Naive me; I always like to think of our 2002 group as a trusting, close-knit group of caring individuaIs.  But then reality like this strikes. 


I trust you're in the process of getting the proper authorities involved so they can track him down, and hopefully, get your $ back.


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I'm pretty wary of any "resto-mod" guys that have had to resort to ebay in order to sell their cars.  I wouldn't say this guy is a member of our community here though, at least I don't think he's ever participated in a conversation I'm aware of.  Quality shops have been named pretty thoroughly on here.


Sorry to hear about your issue though,  really really blows.

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