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MidAmerica 02 Fest Update


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Our website is now ready for registration, and preorder of t-shirts, polos, caps, etc.

Registration is free, as is the Saturday evening picnic, but by signing-up we can better plan.  

The gear is paid for at the event, preording helps us make sure everyone gets what they would like.  

You can register, let us know how many plan to eat Saturday dinner, and check out the MidAm  shirts, etc by going to   http://midamerica02fest.com/fest-2015-get-ready/

Gear orders must be in by midnight March 29.


Big thanks to the True Friends - those donating and gathering door prizes, the many vendors who are donating door prizes, the tech presenters, experts - Q & A panel, caravan leaders, poster sponsor, and the folks who have been involved in helping plan and execute the weekend.  More on all these later.

Big shout-out to KeithK for art and website work.


Looks like we have a bunch of 02 headed to Eureka Springs.  Most drive a significant distance (some huge distances).  This is a hardcore group of 02 lovers - we will have a great time.

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Take good care of my RGB friends: Jason Gipson and Jake Metz.  They'll both be first-time attendees.  I have no '02 and I will be in Europe when this event is taking place. Mary & I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary with a Viking River cruise through Belgium and the Netherlands.....  Have fun, all of you '02 fanatics! 

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Registered today--got my hotel room last November!


Organizing a caravan from Dayton, departing on Wed 22 Apr, taking the scenic route through KY, TN and along northern AR, arriving at Eureka Springs Thurs afternoon.  If you're interested in joining up either in Dayton or along the way, drop me an e-mail and I'll add you to the mailing list.




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