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Dog is my Co-Pilot

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I have a girlfriend.  She has a dog.  I now have a dog along for the ride.  

Old Luna is a full sized dog who came with a gimpy hip.  


Getting in and out of the car was a little challenging, so I added 'quick and sturdy' hatches over the floors in back.  The new-to-me 4-runner seats I installed have mounting tabs that added to the obstical course, so I covered them with pieces of innertubes.  She still bumped those, so I added plywood.  Win win.  I like having the covered storage and she can now jump in and out easily.  










Another upgrade was to fill in behind the back seat, so she has a larger bed to stretch out on.  The padding is GONE on my back seat bottom, but apparently somebody re-did the back at some point.  I wish all the seats looked as fresh as that piece.  The filler behind the seat includes my first aid/tool kit, a blanket in a bag and a boat seat cushion (in the unlikely event of a water landing...).  I covered all that with three inch foam and a wool blanket.  With the passenger seat tipped forward, Luna is right there within reach of petting.  She can even hang her head out the window, but does tend to booger up the pop out window, trying to smell where we are going.










I used to "prefer" larger dogs, until I had (another) girlfriend with a five pound chahooahooa mix named Tecate.  That was 100%dog in a tiny package.  I learned to appreciate the portability of small dogs.  If you have a fifty+pounder, you have to get a little creative to be able to take them along and keep them comfortable in a 2002.






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She has you trained well, very cool.


That's what it comes down to, isn't it.  She is ready to go in the CAR at a moments notice.  As in, 'car' is one of the few words in her vocabulary.  


Funny, the difference in 'personalities' amongst dogs.  My last dog had a huge vocabulary and would have figured out that she should avoid that ankle-gouging seat tab after the first time.  Luna has certain 'needs' and it is an ongoing training session to try and meet them.  


Dogs are like these old cars, in that they are inherantly needy; but 'the more you put in, the more you get out.'

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All our dogs loved to ride in the '02.  Our first dog (Volks, part setter, part border collie) would ride in the back seat, front paws on the two front seat backs, and his head in the sunroof slipstream.  He just loved that!  Our cockers were a little more sedate (and shorter).  They'd ride in the back with their heads reaching for the open front windows, ears flapping in the breeze.  



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Meet Renner! In his favorite spot in the e46! Check out my Gallery under my profile. I have a few pics of Renner and Rikka(RIP) in the 1600. Rikka LOVED the 1600, if the window was open, she would jump in & sleep in the backseat for HOURS! The only way to get her out was to take her for a ride! We all love our canine co-pilots and would do anything for them. Nice to see there are others who will do whatever it takes to make sure our buddies are comfortable and able to travel with us. Looking forward to getting the 1600 out in the Spring so Renner & I can do some driving!


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On 3/12/2015 at 6:32 PM, 'jgerock said:

Luna - meet Nola (RIP June 2014).


Nola - meet Bugger (RIP Feb. 2015) he made it to the ripe old age of nineteen.  He was sixteen in the photo below, where he was inspecting the 02, when it first arrived, but he never went for a ride.  I think it would be fun to have a car-friendly cat.  (I'm not in the market for one right now though).





On 3/13/2015 at 8:40 PM, 'mlytle said:

Is "she" the girlfriend or the dog......:-)


Valid question right there.  I'm afraid the answer might be both.  I try to be malleable.  ;)


I see a few of us have large dogs, so I thought I ought to pass this tip along.  A friend was going to throw away his twin mattress, a Sealey Posturepedic memory-foam mattress, no less!  I snagged that and sliced it in half, to make two dog beds.  Fitted twin sheets make great covers that wrap around, giving two clean sides per washing.  Talk about a supportive dog bed!  The overpriced flimsy store bought dog beds pale in comparison.  We made a couple of frames as well, to keep them up off the floor.



Andrew, your huskies remind me of Nixe, the one we had back in the eighties.  They look right at home in the snow.


jscaptura1, I have admired your avatar for some time.  Nice to put a story with it.  Luna enjoys using the car bed while I work up in the shop.  That way she knows she will get to ride along, if I decide to go somewhere.  


I always keep a water bottle, some kibble and a bowl on board, in case we want to stay out past her supper time.


It takes a little doing to make Luna's bed, but it all pulls out in about a minute, should I want to tote humans around... although after reading Jerry's comment, maybe they would prefer that I leave it the way it is!


Thank you for all the positive comments.

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