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Anyone have a shopping list for VDO vision and "harness?"


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Ya dont need that silly adapter thing. Get the right pressure sender to replace the switch by the dizzy then remove your oil filter adapter thing and there is a spot to drill and tap for a temp sensor. The best one to use is a VW part, rockauto has it under part #2011730. It works PERFECT for a VDO oil temp. I rock it on my car.


I made my own harness for the whole deal, fused things and all that fun stuff. ALSO, call up Hollywood Speedo, they can get you the right gauges for a good price, possibly cheaper than egauges. They built these gauges to my speck for me for what I could get box stock ones from egauges for. I wanted white needles on everything. Wideband was sourced elsewhere.



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This is great guys!   I do have a Clardy console I will use.


esty, mlytle - I am all about doing things the hard way.  That said, left to my personal electrical skills, my 02 could possibly become the next neighborhood car-b-que.


roadhog, - I like the look of your console. White needles are a great match.


My save is Hobie Dave.  Also a brother in 02.  Lives in a neighboring burb.  He has been drafted in to this.  That said maybe we can post a DIY.


I love this place!

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