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Just bought a Porsche


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I wasn't in the market but happened upon a deal and pulled the trigger a couple of hours ago. I know there are a lot of Porsche guys here and I'd like to hear your opinions. I'm pretty sure it was a great deal but need reassurance from you guys in the know. A CA always, rust free 1967 911 which is in great condition. I'll replace most of the interior but otherwise the car is in amazingly good shape, all original, good paint, no dents, etc. I struck a deal with an older gentleman who bought it 30 years ago, maintained the heck out of it but hardly ever drove it. $22,000 did I do alright? according to the Haggerty value (which I looked up after the purchase) I did. If this car is worth what Haggerty says, I stole it. Can it be true?

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The car is legit and the pink is in the safe. I actually struck the deal at $20,000 and also offered to pay his shop bill which was $1,800. The shop is owned by a friend of mine who has done work on various vehicles for me over the years. He doesn't often have metrics in his yard though, which is why the 911 caught my eye. I struck the deal so fast that nobody checked current values (myself included), I just figured I couldn't go wrong at 20K the way prices are spiking with classic Germans. The seller just retired at 76 and needs to replace the entire waste line to his house which appears to be the reason he was so eager to sell. I'm sure 20K seems like a lot to him compared to what he paid for the car 30 years ago. It's a low mileage car he drove just enough to keep the battery charged that has been sheltered and well maintained. It has a factory sun roof, doors shut properly and align nicely as do the bonnet and engine lids. Glass and weather strip are all good too. He gave me a box of stuff I haven't gone through yet but did notice a new case of Mobile one (he told me that's the only oil the car has ever seen) and the original jack. He said he'll call me when he finds more documentation and parts at his house. I'll have it detailed (it really looks pretty good right now) then take some pics. Then I'll dive into the interior. Already have a list going- new dash, new carpet, re-upholster two seats (backs look fine), new door cards (speaker cut) and until I get it home that's about what I see it needs. My buddy with the shop has already gone through the entire car including all of the mechanics, he tuned it, and removed the gas tank to cut out the only rust he could find which is the front support for the tank (piece is on order). Brakes and tires are good.

I'm still pinching myself

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Now if you're asking what to do with it .. Sell it! Then keep driving your 2002! Lol!

I'm a BMW zombie and there's no cure.

I'll have some fun with it and then probably sell it (for a tidy profit). I can't sell my '02! it'd be like selling one of my kids!
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What Marshall said.  A buddy of mine thought he "stole" a 71 a few years ago - paying 47K for it.  Of course, now it's probably worth 80.


What did Hagerty say?  At least 60 is my guess - if not more.


Nice deal!  


Edit - just looked:


Cond 1 = $134K

Cond 2 = $95.5

Cond 3 = $64.5

Cond 4 = $49.5


One thing I learned about Hagerty valuation when I was buying my Ferrari is that their valuation also lags the market.  


Very nice move.  Post pics!!!

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If only..


My former next door neighbor (the same one who owned the modified Schwarz 74 2002 that I pined for in the 80's), later picked up a bright red SWB 911 Targa (early chrome/painted bumpers) on a mechanic's lien for stupid cheap money.  He repainted it, refreshed the engine, drove it for about 1 year then sold it.  IIRC, it had mint black interior and Fuchs alloys.  This was when I was wrenching on cars during my college summer months.  Oh how I loved not only that car but some of the other cars we did service on.  I'll never forget the days when I got to move one beige 356 in and out of the shop, nor when I could take a fairly new E30 down the GW Parkway after changing the oil.  I was also so in love when the USA GTI's were introduced.  That "golf ball" dimpled shifter, the plaid sports seats, 4-spoke steering wheel, snowflake 14 x 6 wheels with Pirelli P6 tires.


When I first saw this post, I couldn't believe the coincidence of yesterday afternoon.  While I was washing my DD, I noticed an large moving van that pulled along the side of the road near my house.  I ignored it until I saw a cool Porsche (pronounced "POOR-SCUH" with two syllables please), parked behind the van.  It was an Intercity Van used to haul vehicles and the car was being picked up for transport somewhere else.  I snapped this far-away pic from my cell phone.



My next thought was that Ken (Kidasters) had bought yet another car..


Please add some pics to this thread.





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Looks like you got an incredible deal. Pictures soon I hope. And not to be petty Jim, but are you serious about that pronunciation? I'm pretty sure it is Porsh-a, or Porsh-uh. Maybe Poor-scuh is the American way.;-) Pretty sure this devolve in to the Bimmer/Beemer war, so just in case, here's what you get when you cross a BMW with a Porsche!


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