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M42 Engine Swap - Trans, Radiator, Driveshaft

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I purchased a 91 318is about a year ago as a parts car for my 02 project. I was planning on doing an m42 swap but have decided to take a different direction and need to make the room. So the parts are now up for sale. The 318 had roughly 220k on the clock; it ran and drove fine.


The full swap would include the Engine, 5-speed transmission (240), drive shaft, and radiator.



- Transmission shifted and drive fine no known issues, slave cylinder attached.

- Timing case sounded fine, no alarming rattles.

- Header, AFM, and ECU not included

- Wiring Harness and intake still in tact

- Clutch is included with dual mass flywheel

- Radiator in good shape, minimal fin bending

- Center Support bearing on the driveshaft needs to be replaced




In theory, purchase an ECU, AFM and Jakeb's swap mounts and you could drop it in your 02 and roll. Although, I would recommend a refresh on the engine at the minimum for safe measure.


** I also have a split second MAF conversion with ARC 1 tuning dials and narrow band 02 sensor setup for an additional $350 if you would like to go that route over a barn door AFM. The kit uses a 3in ford maf and will interface with most motronic systems. PSC-1 air/fuel compensation calibrator available as well if you had any ideas for a turbo - $150 for the PSC1


Please let me know if you have any questions, and shoot me a PM if you are interested. $500 obo




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