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12v power outlet for center console


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tired of your modern 12v power sockets falling out of the non-standard sized 2002 cig lighter outlets?


i found a cheap 12v outlet at pep boys that fits in the center console hole where the fake green button is.





it literally just fits right into the hole.  no mods needed.  just have to run power for it.






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I found a double USB on eBay ($6.99) with both 1amp and 2.1amp for fast charge or iPad

Perfect fit in the dummy switch hole with no modification required

Do you have a link to this on eBay? I have some weird dummy switch on mine that I'd love to replace with this. I needed this so bad last summer driving to the Vintage at Saratoga. Dead phones are no fun!

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I think you can just tap the power from the hazard switch. My radio runs off of that and works just fine. It's the closest line too.

i would not do this.  you need to be careful with where you pull power from.  for things like this it should be a separate fused source from battery.  if you put something in the outlet that blows a fuse, you do not want it to take out any of the systems the car needs to run.  i installed a single separate relay that gets power from the battery for all my aux power items.  it is triggered to turn on with the ignition in the accessory and on position.

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