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This tii is a bargain at current exchange rates


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Not mine, no affiliation, etc...


With the dollar being the strongest in 11 years against the Euro and almost at a one to one exchange rate, this tii is a bargain.


I'm sure it will buff right out.



At current exchange rate, that's $3250.


We know it's not a 76 by the door panels but then again the whole interior is a mix-match of parts so no telling what year it is. Wheels, dual headlight grilles, and steering wheel are great parts.


To confirm it's a tii, we would need the VIN and more pics.   In the interior pic, looks like you can barely see the edge of a tii clock but can't tell for sure.


I'm guessing after seeing the interior, they were scared to reach in there and try open up the hood.


Here's the ad translation.


LaFissure - Posted on March 3 at 11:25.
Price: € 3,000
City: Brie-Comte-Robert
Zip Code: 77170
Model Year : 1976
Mileage: 100 KM
Fuel: Gasoline
Gearbox : Manual
BMW 2002 tii sells ..
For more information :
I put the ad to a friend ( Jean-Claude ), so I do not respond to mails.
Thank you for your understanding
( otherwise I spend my days doing that)



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